Life Destiny

What is going  to motivate you and help you make your dreams come true? Find out what the planets reveal about your true talents and creative skills and how you can attract money and wealth. Learn more about who you are at the deepest level, how powerful your intuition is and what draws you to particular kinds of situations.

This report also looks at the way you express yourself, how you relate to others and what you think is most important in life. Examine your attitudes and beliefs and understand how they shape your destiny. Learn how to express that unique you and overcome your limitations.

This is the same reading as the Personality report, but with astrological headings for those who like to know how the planets are shaping their world!

The five star rating helps you understand your best feature so that you can focus your energy in the direction that’s right for you.

Length: Up to 25 pages.

Includes full birth chart. If the time of birth is not known for the person for whom this chart is intended, the reading will be shorter in length but it will still contain powerful information.

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