Lovers Compatibility

10 Readings in 1 Package

Ten fantastic, in depth reports in a package designed for two people that reveals everything the stars can tell you about your relationship and year ahead as individuals and as a couple.   Click on each heading to find out more details about each report.

  • Soul Mates
    What karmic links are there between you and that special someone? Is this relationship really ‘meant to be?’.
  • Star Lovers
    Check out your compatibility and find out how you really see each other.
  • Intimate Lover x 2 (one for each person)
    Blows the lid of what each of you really think of sex and want from a lover.
  • Lovers Guide x 2 (one for each person)
    When is the best time to book a sizzling weekend getaway?  A long romantic break?  A night on the town?  This report tells both of you everything that you need to know about yourselves as a lover and reveals the planetary romantic highlights for your year ahead so that you can make joint plans!
  • Soul Scope x 2 (one for each person)
    Two amazing 12 part reports – one for each of you that – cover who you both truly and what your purposes are in life.  Find out how your karmic destinies compare!
  • Soul Guide 12 Months x 2 (one for each person)
    Discover the most important and significant planetary events that will take place over the next twelve months that will have a deep and lasting effect on each of your development.

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