Soul Scope

With a 12 part Soul Scope reading you can understand in great depth who you really are and what your purpose is in this life, helping you make the most of the journey.

Understand how all of the different parts of you combine to create the amazing, unique person that is you.

Those twelve parts in full chapters cover

1 Appearance and Personality
2 Your Will and Purpose
3 Your Needs and Emotional Responses
4 Career and Status
5 Perception and Intellect
6 Attraction and Charisma
7 Self Assertiveness and Sexual Drive
8 Faith and Awareness
9 Lessons and Responsibilities
10 Individuality and Uniqueness
11 Sensitivity and Spirituality
12 Power and Transformation.

The Five Star Rating lets you see immediately what is most important and valuable to you. If you don’t know the time of birth for the person for whom this report is designed, it will be shorter, but just as valuable to understanding what makes that person tick.

Save 50% with Soul Scope as part of Personality Plus Special Package.

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