Young Life

This would be a fabulous present for a new parent or can provide us with a deep understanding of where we came from or the early life of someone we care about.

The early part of our lives is crucial in shaping the adult we become – and the planets also influence that period of our development. Looking at someone’s early life through an astrological chart can help us understand what makes someone behave or react to things in the way that they do and can shine a light on the talents that they were born with.

This report is divided into three sections:-

Laying down the foundations – see what the stars have to say about the relationship with the mother, the essential character, the emotional nature and the personality.

The process of development – including assertiveness, friendship and social attitudes, the power of the mind and money.

Preparing for independence – looking at higher education and establishing values, approach to daily working life, career and ambitions.

The Five Star Rating draws out the most distinctive characteristics and abilities.

When the time of birth is not known then the reading will be shorter in length than when the correct time is given but it will be just as valuable to both parents and children themselves.

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