Ruler Jupiter holds the key and unlocks the doors to opportunity, living better and even hearts in ‘22, Sag. The New Year releases you from past restrictions and sets you free to explore the new once more!

Aim high as 2022 begins but hold your fire until the end of January until Venus is direct once again in its ruling 2nd in your chart. Love and money matters may be slippery, elusive or simply subject to change. That sale bargain may be anything but and sadly, that love interest turn into all ghost and no substance. Stay off the dating apps and the shopping sites and instead, use this time to determine exactly what you want 2022 to deliver in terms of self-worth boosting opportunities. Take it from me – ruler Jupiter is listening.

Love is only temporarily off the menu for you. This year brings you some of the best opportunities around romance and attraction you will have seen in 12 years once Jupiter crosses into your fabulizing 5th in May. It lands in here when Venus is also in residence just making you unmissable and bigging up that mojo as it does. And all of us enjoys an unusually long free-wheelin’ retro-free period from February to the end of March! So, don’t judge a year by how it begins, Sag!

Jupiter unpacks double the benefits for you and not just of the heart-starting, magic carpet variety we associate with the 5th house either! (More on these in a moment). But also is about to enhance your home, living arrangements, family dynamic and anything that touches on your emotional, physical and material security from April onwards.

As well as ruling your sign, Jupiter is also the ancient ruler of fellow mutable sign Pisces. Although Neptune has taken over the job in modern astrology, we always say the old rulerships apply. So, Jupiter is just as happy, generous and open-handed in Pisces as it is when it travels through your first. It will meet Neptune in here – so both rulers of the sign, conjunct, on April 12. An extremely rare event which last occurred 165 years ago!

This is probably the most important transit of the year for all of us. How and where you dream of living will feature as will your family or your own self-created, extended sense of that. Just where in the world is home, Sag? And doing what? This is about your place and your path too. Finding where on earth the multiverse smiles on you.

Big decisions around home or where you live may feature. Anything from emigration, relocation, expanding your present living space, expanding your family or moving – places, careers – or even both! Sea changes, tree changes, changing rooms form part of a mysterious grand design for you. This tells you, MOVE in some way as benefits will flow from this.

Some of you may move up the property ladder. Others just move to a better and more secure arrangement or work situation which allows them to upgrade their space. Your card in the Tarot to draw inspiration from this is the Nine of Pentacles. You’re in the garden of prosperity and satisfaction now. Plan accordingly.

Expanding your space includes that heart space as Jupiter will spend approximately six months in each sector as it goes from room to room in your chart. So as well as your home, foundations and path this includes love, children, creative expression and yes – holidays which should be very much back on your list for ’22, Sag! If you are single and seeking, Jupiter should bring you at least one potential contender for your wild heart! And settleds could simply fall back in love – all over again.

January sees the North Node exit your 7th and head into your 6th – which of course puts the South Node in your 12th. Check your chart for Scorpio factors as this will trigger long term karma around money, shared assets, mortgages, joint (marital) property. This years eclipse cycle also reflects this shift.

Three things cannot remain hidden for long – the Sun, the Moon and the truth. This is the perfect eclipse metaphor especially when that axis cuts across your 12th/6th. In other words, that which is hidden comes to light.

Work – paid or unpaid, study, habits, routine, health. And your spiritual/soul life and also what you need to know! Your instincts will be spot on during the eclipses this year so please don’t ignore them. Sure, you may know less than Jon Snow on a factual level at the times of the eclipses. But pay close attention to that gut feeling or thought that comes spinning out of nowhere. It’s not wrong!

Your eclipse dates are April 30 at the time of the new ‘Black’ Moon in your 6th – take care of work and also wellbeing matters. This day could in fact see you on the receiving end of good news or you making a decision which brings major long term benefits for you as Venus and Jupiter meet in your 4th (the Moon’s ruling house).

The total lunar eclipse in your 12th on May 16 may plunge you into an emotional blackout but your incredible psychic abilities act like a lantern when it comes to dealing with others. Or uncovering what’s really going on. The next eclipse occurs on Oct 25 in your 12th – plus you have Jupiter re-entering your 4th just three days later and Mercury in your 7th about to retrograde. Take your time with decisions that involve you and someone else. Treat the final eclipse of ‘22 in your 6th on November 8 as you would a Mercury retro and have a back up plan. Uranus adds that unpredictable element.

Mars will deliver a more passionate experience for you this year. Especially when it is in your 5th during Jupiter’s stay in here in May – the time the Sun also lights up your partnership zone. June, July and August represent high points for you where you may feel you have been set free from the restrictions you have been confined by over the past 2-3 years. Enjoy that heady feeling of freedom you need like air and water to thrive, Sag!

Mars which rules confidence, go-getting desire and action is going to spend an unusually long time in your 7th of long term love and partnership matters this year. And three months of this time retrograde. This occurs from October onwards and will take you on into ‘23. After all the fun, progress and pleasure of the past few months, this may come as a shock as you feel that momentum slow. And which could leave you asking; Where’s the heat? Do not make long term relationship decisions under this transit but if you’re simply not feelin’ it then be upfront – don’t fake it. And don’t ghost or think you will simply let someone down ‘lightly’ by slowing withdrawing. Simply be honest and say it’s no longer working than leave them guessing.

Venus will arrive in your sign a week before your birthday season begins making this one of attraction and easy going pleasure. Plus Jupiter will enable you to see in the New Year on a celebratory note as it returns to your 5th on Dec 20. 2022 will be a year to create and nest. Children and parenting or a relationship which could potentially turn you into a parent, step-parent may feature as could your adult children if you have them. Your creative talents demand an outlet – and a bigger stage on which to showcase them. Guess what? Jupiter is going to oblige. Whether you’re at home or out in the big, wide world – prepare to be noticed and attract this year, Sag!

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