Air Elementals : A Look at Sylphs

Air elementals are the most pervasive yet transient of all the elementals.  They are everywhere all at once.

Their constant motion and presence in everything makes them perfectly poised as the information gatherers of our environment.

The term Sylph is applied to air elementals, and as with the other three clans of elementals, these airy ilk govern specific essences such as:

•    Communication
•    Thought
•    Transition
•    Dreams
Sylph wisdom comes from experiencing their omnipresence on many different levels of awareness.

How can we do that?  Surface acknowlegement can be paid by registering air elementals in our physical realm (i.e.: the wind brushing our skin).  But there are so many more experiential levels the Sylph offers for connection.

Sylphs are master communicators, and quite fond of humankind.  This makes them eager to offer their presence and insights for our seeking sensory perception.

Try this exercise to connect with air elementals:
•    Relax into a meditative state.
•    Open yourself to the cardinal direction of the East where Sylphs affiliate themselves.
•    Connect with the Sylph realm through the breath.
•    Breathe in with the intention of welcoming air elementals into every fiber of your being.
•    Breathe out with intent to communicate your inner status of tranquility and willingness.
•    Breathe in with focus upon joining your full awareness upon archaic Sylph wisdom.
•    Breathe out with focus upon tracing the essence of air as it flows out of you – realizing that following its path is impossible – it is omnipresent.

Keep breathing in and out with these and similar intentions.  In time, you will detect a distinctly “airy” feeling.  You will feel light, bright and imbued with and invisible presence that is both well-being and all-knowing personified.

Why would we want to practice this?  Why should we care about connecting with Sylphs at all?  Because connecting to air elementals is akin to connecting with everything in our environment.

Sylphs are like ancient cell phones.  They convey information instantly through the medium that is their domain – air, airwaves, vapor, gaseous and ephemeral realms.

Imagine our environment wrapped in a sentient, invisible force-field of knowledge.  Legions of Sylphs in our midst create this network of knowledge, and through them all wisdom can be accessed.

Give it a try some time.  Respectfully and lovingly meet Sylphs on their own energetic level (via the exercise suggested above, or through your own personal practices).  Unite your energy with air elementals and discover vast channels of knowledge waiting for your seeking awareness.
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