Astrology Signs and Cosmic Lineage

What are astrology signs? On the surface, they are those ancillary identifications we use to look up our horoscopes in the local newspapers.

This view is painfully gaunt in light of the full-bodied truth of astrology and what kinds of potential it can hold for you.

For example, the sign you’re looking up for your horoscope is only one small shard in the prismatic glasswork that is your astrological looking glass.

Common horoscopes are reflecting only one sign – your sun sign. Truth be known, you have ten prime astrology signs, plus one rising (ascendant) sign.

Humans are complex creatures; its fitting astrology is equally complex as to capture our diversity and compliment the scads of colour combinations that forms the human personality and saga.

Paracelsus wrote :

Man is a microcosm,
or a little world because
he is an extract of the stars and planets
of the whole firmament.
From earth to the elements;
he is their quintessence.

Paracelsus isn’t the only scholarly genius who stands by this statement. In fact, brilliant minds in the field of today’s quantum mechanics and physics have come to the same conclusions: That we are born from the stars.

Consider the implications of that statement. If the essence of who we are was born from the womb of our galaxy, what kind of potential would the human race hold? If our DNA is laced with stardust what kind of hereditary memories loom in our blood?

Where am I going with this line of questioning? Quite simply, I’m suggesting we move beyond one-dimensional horoscope trivia and embrace our starlit lineage.

I’m also suggesting that, as cosmic children born from a host of stellar and planetary parents, we share the same magnanimous energy. Our heritage is starlit. Our birthplace, infinite.

Indeed, the very same trace elements and minerals that makes stars and planets are found in our bodies. We all drink from the same starry cup.

Further, just as you share traits with your earth mother and father, on a larger scale, you share traits with the infinite, mystical forces of our galaxy.

That means we have limitless power.

It makes you want to know more about your cosmic lineage, doesn’t it? You can too. By learning more about your astrology signs, you can begin your climb into a family tree unlike any other.

Learning your signs will give you the tools to track down your true lineage. In so doing, you unlock your true potential.

You can take the first step on that journey by casting your own astrological chart here.

Written by: Avia Venefica of

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