Career Advice for Sun Signs

Our sun signs can be extremely revealing about our personalities and proclivities in behaviour. Through astrology, we can get a cosmic view of who we are, and how others interact with us. Through this whole view we can determine a lot about our career paths and the vocations we choose.

In fact, if we’re fuzzy about what kind of work is best suited to our personalities and abilities, we can look to our sun signs for clues and help.

Investigating our zodiac signs while pondering our career gives us an additional tool to achieve our highest potential.

Will our sun signs provide 100% accurate career advice? No. Astrology is a co-creative science. That means you (your heart, your soul, your mind) must comingle with your cosmic blueprint. Your own spirit must fill in the life-force that is your highest self.

Your sun sign is only the chalice – you are the ambrosial nectar that fills the cup of life.

Having said that, here are some suggestions and career advice based on your sun sign. If you’re unsure about what a sun sign is, you may want to read this free article.


Your sun sign indicates you love a challenge, and your energy can be inexhaustible when it comes to finding solutions. You can be impatient, and work best when results of your labours are seen quickly (instant gratification is even better). You’ll excel in a career that allows constant motion, change and pushes you to your maximum potential. You can be extremely competitive too. These and other attributes of your sign indicates you would do well in: Sales, Marketing, Stock Market, Leadership, Consulting, Acting.


Your sun sign indicates you love to work with your hands, and appreciate physical activity. You have a pragmatic way of going about your labour. You like steady progress, and work best when you can measure your results. You’re also quite patient, and have the ability to sustain long projects to their completion. You need to be in a nurturing environment, where people recognize the good work you are doing. These and other hallmarks of your astrological sign indicate you would do well in: Healing Arts, Culinary, Nursing, Fashion, Finance and Horticulture


Your sun sign indicates you love to be heard. You’ve got remarkable intellect and you’ve a distinct opinion about everything. Your sign is also a communicative one so you need to be in an environment that allows your opinion to be expressed openly. You can be ambitious about achieving your goals, but you need to be kept on track because you tend to be easily distracted (too many thoughts/ideas rolling around in your head). You won’t do well with monotony, or projects that require too much routine. Your sign indicates you would do well in: Public Speaking, Film Directing, Sales, Artistic Design, Dispatch/Courier


You have an uncanny ability to comfort others and make them feel safe. You’re naturally intuitive; you sense what others are feeling and respond accordingly. You like consistency, and value the logic behind action. You derive inspiration from other people, but are also inspiring to others. However, you are slow to take credit or step out into the limelight. Above all, you value balance and integrity in the workplace. Some career paths appropriate for you may include: Investing, Management, Human Resources, Nursing, Government, Education, Counselling


You can be incredibly charismatic, and your optimism is uplifting to all who are around you. You can be wilful, and prefer things to be done in a specific way (your way). This does not mean you can’t negotiate. On the contrary, you are a good listener and incredibly shrewd. Your bright intelligence allows you to calculate the best solution to a challenge. You also like to incorporate a sense of humour in your work. You can be a “big shot” sometimes, and this might intimidate some people – but it can also be a great asset. These and other characteristics indicate you may do well in: Entrepreneurialism, Motivational Speaking, Consulting, Leadership, Organization/Administration, Law, Entertainment, Engineering


You are remarkable at straightening out the details. It matters not how confusing or complicated a situation is – you always seem to create order out of chaos. You are also quite perceptive and have the ability to “sense” what is going on around you. Further, you have incredibly high standards. All these things put you in a position of high integrity in your workplace. Employers love you because you often take on responsibility without even being told what to do. A caveat: You do not deal well with sloppy or slipshod performance from your co-workers/employer. Some careers that may be perfect for you include: Accounting, Office Management, Statistics, CAD/Graphic design, Architecture, Home Interior, Veterinarian services, Social Services.


You are driven to provide balance to the equation. You seek out harmony in creative ways and your greatest accomplishments have come through massive contrast and challenges. You have an amazingly well-adjusted intellect. Solutions come to you naturally, almost magically. And, you have a wisdom that seems otherworldly. You’re often mistaken to be much older than your age because of this unique wisdom. You can also be highly sociable and thrive amidst a myriad of personalities. These and other attributes suggest these career paths: Law, Counselling, Charity/Social Work, Government, Art/Design, Negotiations, Sales, Administration


You have a focus that is indomitable. Once you set your sights on a goal, you can be unshakable until you have achieved it. You’re also very perceptive and intuitive. Often you pick up impressions from your workplace that you have no logical way of knowing – yet you do. You need to work in positions that allow you to be innovative and inventive. You also need an understanding boss who recognizes your need to work in your own style and pace. Competitive environments are not your best setting. Some career paths well suited for your sun sign include: The Arts, Education, Science, Skilled Trades, Mechanics, Secret Service, Routing, Metaphysics


You have an expansive nature and can be quite eloquent in the way you express your opinions. You’re also quite adventurous and your enthusiasm in the workplace is infectious (your often the cheerleader/motivator). You like to be at the front lines because of the newness and fresh perspective it implies. Although you’re great at launching new ideas, you often lack sticking power and find it challenging to sustain your interest for a long period of time to achieve the goal. This and other qualities indicate rewarding careers in: Travel, Coaching, Cultural Liaison, Arts, Philosophy, Teaching, Sports, Journalism


You are motivated by structure and order. You can get to the heart of matters easily, and discover purpose in the midst of chaos with ease. You are no stranger to hard work. In fact, you often relish digging your heels in and tackling challenges. You particularly love seeing the fruit of your labour, and don’t mind a long climb to the top. You work best when your efforts can be measured, and recognized by others. You need to be needed. Control, structure and practicality is key in your work environment. Some career paths well suited for you include: Project Management, Construction, Military, Engineering, Agriculture


Your methods and mentality can be unorthodox but somehow you always seem to achieve remarkable results. It’s because you have the ability to see the big picture. You make connections between past performance and can see future outcomes easily. You cannot bear to be labelled, and embrace being an innovator. By far, your most challenging obstacle is yourself. You have a deep sense of brotherly/sisterly love, and are willing to lend a helping hand. These and other sun sign traits indicate you might be well suited for careers such as: Environmental Conservation, Government/Legislation, Activism, Charity, Writing, Space, Science, and Metaphysics


Vastly creative with unique perspectives, you are a catalyst for new vision and new ideas. You do best behind the scenes with lots of structure in place. You are the one who pulls all the strings in the workplace, and although you like to be recognized for a job well done – you rarely have a problem with passing credit to others (you’re confident enough to know you were the catalyst). Incredibly perceptive and deeply psychic you sometimes have a hard time working in large groups because you get inundated by energetic information. Solo work is fine with you. These and other characteristics of your sun sign indicate these careers may serve you very well: Freelance, Arts/Design, Metaphysics, Computer Programming, Healthcare, Biology, Social Services

I hope you enjoyed these thoughts on career paths for your sun signs. Bear in mind, these are just suggestions. Invest the time to know yourself, your likes and dislikes in conjunction with your astrological blueprint to make the best of the choices you make about your vocation.

Get off to a good start on your path to knowing yourself by casting your astrological chart here.

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