Earth Elementals : A Look at Gnomes

Earth elementals are affiliated with the grounded energies that are forever bound to the solid nature of our planet.

Earth elementals have been dubbed gnomes by Paracelsus, an amazingly astute philosopher and a respected physician among other things.

The socialized mind tends to get a distinct image when confronted with the term “gnome.” Our conditioning through eons of heredity story- telling has morphed to such an extent; it’s natural to think of toady little dudes hunching in forests or caves when we think about what a Gnome is.

But earth elementals are known by many different names through the ages that might shift our mental view of these energies. Gnomes also answer to names like (pleural): pans, satyrs, brownies, elves, dryads, hamadryads, durdalis, elves, sylvestres and gnomides (female gnomes).

Medieval philosophers and alchemists carried on with Paracelsus’ exhaustive research on elementals and assigned cardinal directions to each of the elemental classifications. They reasoned gnomes best correspond with the North because of its characteristics of:

  • unwavering stability
  • cycles of time/regeneration
  • beckoned by the roots
  • stalwart patience

These characteristics precisely identify the mood of earth elementals. They’ve also been identified has unmoving, staunchly obstinate, brooding, stingy and cantankerous.

I’m not buying any of those labels. Unless, of course, the earth elemental has been crossed.

If the gnome has extended its trust, and that trust has been betrayed – there is no end to perceived retribution earth elementals will exact.

Some schools of thought feel the current condition of our earth’s environment is a manifestation of a grand (and very angry) coalition of earth elementals come to exact punishment on humans for betraying a sacred contract to honour the earth and its resources.

I’m not 100% sure about that either, and I don’t believe gnomes and their ilk are exacting revenge for being crossed.

So what am I sure of?

I know these beings exist, and their primary focus is honed on sustaining and expanding all facets of earth. If gnomes are their name, then bounty is their game.

In spite of slander, gnomes are quite even-tempered, kind, generous, loving and have raucous sense of humours (they love to party). In fact, if someone tells you earth elementals are dour scoundrels, then they are likely responsible for invoking its wrath.

Earth elementals do no harm unless harm is first done to them.

And even so, elementals have a wholly different way of perceiving justice. Their idea of retribution is to redouble their energies and focus upon their Source.

If crossed, earth elementals will intensify their energetic volume and release their vibrational stores out into the earth. The effects will be earth shifts on a scale so mammoth; humans are ill-equipped to conceptualize.

So, although there is truth to earth elementals restoring environmental balance on our planet – I do not think it out of retaliation for humankind breaking our oath to honour the earth. It is simply the nature of earth elementals to retreat within the warm folds of the great mother (earth) and culminate their energies in a revolutionary momentum that allows shifts of enormous magnitude.

These earth shifts will make way for expansion – which is what the earth and her elementals are all about.

Remember, gnomes (by all their names) are attuned to one and only one vibration – that of the earth. There is no confusion about their purpose, mission or direction.

This is a profound observation, because in the coming evolution of our planet, we would do well to adopt the same kind of clarity as the elemental.

More importantly, we may want to revaluate our position on environmental health.

Earth elementals are the embodiment and personification of our home. If we choose to violate our earth, we violate these living beings right along with it. And there is always a price to pay for this.

On the other hand, if we choose to honour the earth and her elementals, we maintain a lasting bond of trust and respect. We resurrect our oath to cherish our home.

This results in a new paradigm in which humankind holds hands with earth elementals in a new revolution of life.

In closing, ask yourself a few questions about your relationship with earth elementals.

  • Where is your allegiance?
  • Do you connect with the earth and her elementals as you would a close friend?
  • Is there listening, honour and love involved with your relationship to the earth and all her personifications?
  • If a gnome were to come before you in plain view, what kind of conversation would you have?

Just some food for thought. If you want to know more about elementals, and what they are, check out this article offered by Michele Knight on Elementals  the paradigm shifters.

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