Intro to Elementals

What are elementals? I can tell you what they are not:

  • They are not figments of the human imagination.
  • They are not make-believe fluffies designed for fairy tale fodder.
  • They are not even close to being angels, nor are they entirely spirits.

So what are elementals?

Some schools of thought have deemed elementals as nature spirits, and the terms are often used interchangeably. However, the term nature spirits can be misleading as elementals are not 100% spirits.

Elementals are physical beings who resonate to unfathomably high vibrations which cause them to be uniquely ephemeral and material simultaneously.

Elementals are very much like humans. They live, breathe, have babies, play, laugh, weep…everything humans do.

They have bodies that house their spirits. These bodies are subject to decay and eventually the shell of the body will pass off, releasing their spirits with the opportunity for re-emergence.

Although the similarities between humans and elementals are substantial, there are major differences.

To wit, humans are multi-composites. We are composed of multiple natures: Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional…

Elementals are bi-composites. They are composed from only two natures: Physical and Spiritual. Furthermore, their composition is forged exclusively by the element from which they are born.

What do I mean by this?

There are four classifications of elementals. Common names for each of these groups are: Salamanders, Gnomes, Sylphs and Undines.

Each classification is born from one of the classic elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water (respectively).

Having two natures (bi-composite) means elementals are both born (physically) from their element of origin and their spirit resonates wholly with that element. There is no divergence. There is no confusion or separation – ever.

For example, the Undine elemental is a physical manifestation of water. An Undine IS water. It is spiritually attuned to water, its energetic pattern is an identical match to water.

Ergo, each elemental class is forged and nurtured by their respective element and they also sustain the element.

Elementals experience pure, clean synergy with their perspective element.

To illustrate, the Salamander has a unified and symbiotic relationship with its element of fire. Salamanders also sustain fire because of this unique bond. Same holds true with the other three classifications.

What does this mean to humans?

It means for every iota of life, we can connect a real face to it. It means every bit of life has personality attached to it in the form of its elemental government.

This is revolutionary in the current paradigm shift. With the current consciousness focused on global renewal and conservation, the role of elementals is more important now than ever before.

Furthermore, our human role in communicating and cooperating with elementals is tantamount in this unique era of global existence.

I hear the question. If our interaction with elementals is so important, how come we can’t always see them?

On contraire, we can always see and connect with them. It’s a matter of choice on the parts of human and elemental.

As multi-composites, humans do have the ability to see and interact with elementals. Parts of us are composed of the same stuff elementals are, and that gives us a common thread which can bridge the gap and allow contact with elementals.

Reaching out to elementals requires surrender, honour, purity of intent, and a clear understanding of their realm/biology. Contact with elementals requires us to meet them on their turf, by their terms.

Further, elementals reveal themselves when they are satisfied with the output of human energetic resonance.

That’s a fancy way of saying an element will not show itself unless they are satisfied with the status of your chi or energy.

This means we must be free from energetic interferences like fear, doubt and delusions of control. This is why children can see elementals more commonly than adults. Among humans, they are the most free and least conditioned.

Many adults cannot commit to this kind of wild liberation and staunch devotion to clean resonance. This makes elemental contact impossible.

Some people, however, are learning the art of surrender. Learning to drop conditioned beliefs, discard socialized limitations, and consequently casting themselves into realms beyond orthodox dimensions, where elementals ultimately reside.

These humans are beginning to venture into elemental territory with a mix of humility and bravery because it takes courage to enter the ancient worlds of the elementals. It also takes a specialized reverence and an awe for the purity of life these elementals represent.

These people who tread lightly into elemental realms will be the catalysts for a new era of dialogue opening up between prime-nature, and human consciousness.

They will proffer a new language that speaks of hope for our world, our children and our future.

Want to know more about elementals? Stay tuned as I continue this line of thought with a series of articles on elementals. I’ll describe each of the four elemental classes and how together, humans and elementals can shift the current paradigm for good.

Written by: Avia Venefica of

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