Moon Symbolism and Moon Meditation

It’s important to identify moon symbolism and establish your own personal understanding associated with moon energy.  Doing so illuminates your inner knowing because we live in a Universe of connections, associations and metaphor.

What I mean by that is when we stop to appreciate the Large it affects the Small.  Ergo, contemplation on moon symbolism (macrocosm/large scale) affects our energetic makeup (microcosm/individual/small sale).  Hermes Trismegistus said it best: “As above, so below.”

A good start to deriving personal meaning from the moon can be prompted by contemplating your astrological moon sign.  Your moon sign is determined by the position of the moon at the day, time and place of your birth.  Knowing your moon sign and then exploring personality traits of your sign as they apply to your true behaviours goes a long way toward advancing understanding of Self and your role in the Universe.

You will soon discover your moon sign is vastly different from your sun sign.  Moon qualities are subtle, and our moon sign personality traits are often kept hidden from the public, whereas sun signs serve as external persona’s.

Moon symbolism in general holds a special magic because lunar energy holds infinite potential.  As  the moon is in her glory in the midst of darkness, she is a vessel of unknowable power.  Her strength is in her secrets.

Further moon symbolism suggests:

  • Shadows
  • Secrets
  • Wisdom
  • Cycles
  • Intuition
  • Dreams
  • Emotions
  • Movement

We can incorporate these powerful lunar traits into our daily lives with intent to enhance inner wisdom and awareness.  Focus on moon symbolism is extremely empowering in this way.

Here is a moon meditation to assist in meeting the moon and tapping into her wisdom:

•    Settle yourself in comfort.  Ideally, you would be surrounded by the luminosity of the moon – outside during a full moon would be perfect.
•    Become intimate with the concept of darkness.  Feel the darkness within the body, and within your environment.  Note the quality of darkness, it’s texture, scent, color, etc.
•    Now invoke the luminescence of the moon.  See clearly that stark lunar light gently absorbing the darkness.
•    See the moons light working with the darkness –  coming together in your body and in your environment.  The night and lunar light are partners – married by mystic rite.
•    Continue to bathe in the moonlight – see it like liquid mercury – flowing through you and around you.  Feel its passive power coursing through your veins.  Be illumined by the presence of the moon in your awareness.
•    Also note the quality of lunar light.  Is it heavy? Thick? Note the color. Does it have a scent? Is it warm or cold? And so on.
•    Continuing in this state of lunar communion and exploration, ask to be shown the sacred cycles of lunar time.  In this way you will be shown the motions of night life, like:
–Animals who dance with moon melodies.
–Birds aloft in lunar currents.
–Vegetation growing upwards, ever reaching out to touch moonlight.
•    Embrace a sense of wonder and awe as this lunar wisdom saturates your awareness.  Realize this is a sacred process of learning and sharing.
•    When you are completely lit up & satisfied in your lunar knowing, begin to shift back into your every-day level of awareness.

This meditation is akin to stepping into moon energy.  The results will cause heightened awareness about moon symbolism.  Furthermore, you will find the moon will share secret messages to you in these meditative sessions.

These are just a few ideas on how you can derive personal meaning and increased awareness from lunar forces.  As you hone your focus on the moon, you will find other more effective process that bring you closer to lunar enlightenment.

Written by: Avia Venefica of

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