Number Meanings

As promised in the earlier article on numerology, this article aims on number meanings individually.

Number meanings are based in steep, esoteric observations reaching back to pre-Christian times and even further.
Pythagoras is considered the “Father of Numerology” but meanings have been mined from numbers by ancient Asians, Egyptians, Babylonians and aboriginal tribes recognized numerology in a rhythmical sense.

Through the ages, and via an amalgamation of human understanding of Universal rhythm, vibration and function, common threads have been identified to express prime number meanings.

Here is a list of these number meanings:

Number one speaks of beginnings, unification and solidarity.  One is symbolic of the sun, which is a vital life force – prime for growth, clarity and understanding.  One is the initiator, and so it is an active (yang) force.  One energy is assertive and holds a message of drive and focus.  As an oracle, number one meanings will prompt you to launch projects; take action.  Number one is also physically focused, and will ask you to contemplate body/health issues.

Number two speaks of a divergence from number one.  This number is the second step we take into becoming more aware of our environments (mental, physical, etc).  Ergo, two is about duality and how to balance opposing forces.  From this process of balancing the equation (which two seeks to do), number two is also highly symbolic of making choices.  It’s also a feminine (yin) energy. When number two surfaces in your awareness, it prompts a choice from you.  Time to make a decision.  And, the choice you make must seek to balance your life-equations.

With each consecutive number, its meaning grows more intricate, and the meaning of number three is the first of the more complex number meanings.  We can simplify the number meanings of three by thinking of the relationship between two parents and their child.  The union of two manifests a new creation.  Ergo, number three speaks of creation and creativity in all its forms.  When number three comes into your life, it signifies an urging to create something from your resources.  Three asks us to see connections between opposites and join them together to create something wholly new and inspiring.

Up to this point, our journey through number meanings has taken us from initiation (one) divergence (two) and creation (three).  Now we begin to settle ourselves in the grounding energy of number four.  This number speaks to us about stability, foundations, and security.  Consider the some prime structural forces associated with number four: Four seasons, Four cardinal directions, Four elements.  These are foundational energies that secure the very fiber of common reality.  On a more mundane level, contemplate the four corners of (most) homes.  Most houses cannot be built without this base equation of four sides and four corners.  So when number four comes to call in your life, it’s time for structure, physicality, solidarity and order.

Five is a tricky energy.  Remember, each consecutive number is a product of its predecessor.  Number five is an erratic energy.  It contains all the energies that have gone before it (1, 2, 3, 4) and therefore it’s always seeking to adjust itself, and redefine itself within the personalities of other numbers.  This gives number five a tempestuous, moody and adventurous feel.  Because five is always seeking to balance itself within the context of the whole, it also carries a very spiritual energy.  To wit, we can think of the “fifth element” when contemplating number five which deals with that all-encompassing, ephemeral presence unifying and organizing the prime four elements.  Number five in your life may signify a need to shift, adjust and reevaluate.  It may also represent movement, or a need for travel.

The number six has been birthed from number five – and so it is fitting this number has a very harmonic, loving, stabilizing energy.  It calms the hyperactive energy of number five, as six represents nurturing and compassion.  Six is a very balancing number and lulls us into calming energies.  Indeed, the love goddess Venus is associated with the number six.  Six is also very body-focused, and will ask us to consider sensual pleasures of the body.  Sixes (and nines) are also symbolic of returns – coming back to the root of a thing.  So, when number six comes to call, you will be asked to hone your attention in matters of love, sensuality and harmony.  Additionally, six will prompt you to return to your roots; return to that which nurtures you.

Seven is a magical number full of esoteric potential.  It is the offspring of 1,2,3,4,5,6. That’s a lot of energy rolling around in one number, and seven does not disappoint in its definition.  If number seven were a person, it would be quite evolved as it has seen the world and observed the infinite flavors of life.  After experiencing these flavors, number seven withdraws into inner sanctum and begins to make sense of everything.  This is why number meanings of number seven deals with magic, esotericism, academia, and other scholarly pursuits.  When seven enters your awareness it is time to go within and contemplate meaning from your experiences.  Make a study of your life.  Do more research in the form of education or just observing life events and how they affect/connect with everything in your world.

Eight is a breath of fresh air after coming out of the studious and heavy energy of number seven.  Eight is symbolic of cycles.  This could be life cycles, seasonal cycles, or just daily time cycles.  Eight also speaks to us about the infinite nature of spirit.  Other number meanings of eight includes: Renewal, rebirth, balance, confidence and eternity.  I find it amusing the Arabic numeral eight, turned on its side, is an infinity symbol.  This sums up eight energy, it’s always flowing in and out of our lives. When eight pays you a visit it is time to step back and find knowing in the larger rhythms of life.  Contemplate the endless, expansive nature of life and acknowledge your own eternal nature.

It’s extremely appropriate that number meanings of nine deals with returns. We’ve journeyed through the numbers and meet both end and beginning in number nine.  Nine is the embodiment of every number that has come before it, therefore it is full and ripe with potential.  Nine not only recognizes its diversity, it also accepts its beginnings.  Nine is a very feminine energy too and talks to us about growth, fertility and evolution.  Nine also talks to us about wholeness and completion because it is the sum of its parts (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8).  I also love how any number multiplied by nine will always return to nine.  Number nine in our lives signifies a spiraling back into the awareness that we are all connected to a larger whole.  It also reminds us of our own diversity and how infinite potential is found in that diversity.

I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts on number meanings.

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