Symbolic Meaning of Number 999

When we think of the meaning of number 999 we might first be tempted to think on the number dialed to summon UK emergency response service.

That’s understandable, because safety in the community prompts the number 999 to be droned in our minds.  There’s nothing worse than needing to call for assistance and not knowing the number, so our civic services help us remember by drilling the number in our heads.

Aside from mnemonic ticks associated with emergency assistance, the meaning of number 999 is revolutionary in its implications.

First off, the Latin word for nine is novem which shares its root with novus, meaning ‘new’ and this kicks off our initial understanding of the meaning of nines.

Singularly, number nine conveys fresh, new beginnings because it stands on the precipice of completion.  Nine is the sum of all the numbers that have preceded it.  Meaning, nine is a vessel for all the numbers that have appeared before it – so it contains energy of 1,2,3, 4, and so on.

And then, in its fullness, Nine stands boldly in a brave new position before it converts its energy into the completion of number 10.

So we have a culmination – a fullness in number nine meaning that speaks to us about preparedness on our journey to the next phase of evolution and completion.

Nines also convey a message of happy returns because all numbers multiplied by nine always reduce back to nine.  For example:  852 x 9 = 7668.  Now we reduce that sum: 7 + 6 + 6 + 8 = 27.  Reduced again: 2 + 7 = NINE!  Try it yourself.  Multiply any number by nine and reduce it as shown in this example, and you will always come back to number nine.  In so doing, you can see how this conveys symbolism of returning back to the source.

To summarize, the symbolic meaning of nine deals with:
•    Beginnings
•    Fullness
•    Completion
•    Satisfaction
•    Next Phase of Evolution
•    Happy Returns (a return to the Source)

So what do three consecutive nines mean?  Three same numbers in a row amplifies the meaning of the prime number.  Ergo, the energies of number nine are tripled in strength when expressed as “999”

Furthermore, three is an extremely sacred number that speaks to us about creation and the unification of opposites with a goal to bring forth a new creation. The most ancient and enduring expression of this sacred process of unification is seen in procreation (seed/sperm + egg/ovum = new life/zygote).  This illustrates the creative theme of number three at its most fundamental level.

The number 999 is extremely powerful in its symbolism because it combines energies of beginnings and evolution with the sacred power of ancient creation.

So when you see 999 popping up in your life what kind of message is it sending you?

Here are some ideas:
•    Your ability to create a new force in your life and in the world is strong at this time
•    New beginnings are coming to you in the form of creative partnerships and new creative ideas
•    You are going to experience a new phase of creative evolution in your life
•    You will be called to return back to your Source of creation for inspiration and success
•    You will experience a completion, satisfaction and contentment

I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts on the symbolic meaning of number 999.  For more information on 999, specifically what the date 09/09/2009 means, check out Michele Knights fabulous article here.

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