Water Elementals : A Look at Undines

Elementals who hail from the realm of water are called Undines, most commonly but these liquid lovelies are also known as: sprites, water spirits, nereides, limoniades, mermaids, oreades, naiades, nymphs and potamides.

Water elementals resonate most clearly with western winds, which is fitting as Undines and westerly directions are esoterically symbolic of:

  • Depth
  • Shifting
  • Transition
  • Emotion
  • Psyche

Ancient clans often associated water elementals with the names of lakes, rivers and streams. Further, sacred wells and ponds are said to be residences of local Undines and to disturb these areas is extremely disrespectful. Conversely, honouring sacred wells with small gifts is a way of paying tribute to the indwelling Undine.

And why would we do that? Why pay homage to water elementals?

The simple answer is because their energies sustain, appease and compose every ounce of liquid in our environment. As such, it behooves us to be kind, and make friends with these elementals.

Simple acknowledgement to honour Undine presence is an investment we can all afford. Indeed, we can’t afford not to pay it because Undines are the key to our survival.

Undines are not only the embodiment, they are also the sentient layer of water. Meaning, they are the thinking aspect of liquid.

What if water could think and speak? What if raindrops sang and oceans orated?

There is no “what if” to ponder because our waters do exactly that, and the source of this conveyance comes from water elementals. And, for those humans who will listen and are aware of their existence, the Undine call is narcotic.

Undines are the tempestuous temperament of the waters of our world. Their messages undulate between “come hither” and “step away” depending upon to the pull of their elemental womb (water) and lunar influences.

If you’re under the impression that Undines are all folly, and fodder for fairy tales, think again. Water elementals are very real, and very much a part of the new paradigm shift we are experiencing in both our micro and macrocosms of existence.

These water beings are currently reorganizing themselves and formulating a new regime in much the same way modern humans are.

It’s all perfect timing too. In this age of increasing attention to environmental health, some among us will be more attuned to the song of the Undines. This kind of dialogue is going to insure the futures of our planet’s water supply – ultimately securing hope for harmony between human and nature.

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Written by: Avia Venefica of www.whats-your-sign.com

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