What is Astrology?

We can answer the question “What is astrology?” simply, by observing it as the study of the celestial bodies (stars, planets, etc) and their influence on humankind.

This is actually a fairly good assessment, but astrology holds infinite potential so its definition should be equally limitless.

For example, many contend astrology is the oldest system of psychology in the world. Why? Because our forefathers and foremothers of astrology understood the connections between celestial activities, and the movements of human thought/emotion/body.

Furthermore, these ancient astrological explorers understood the stars are not in control.  Quite the contrary.  Our most brilliant ancient astrologists knew “forewarned is forearmed.”  They understood that being aware of external (stellar/planetary) influences made one better prepared to live life fully.  Psychology works in the same way.  By being aware of the behavior effectively arms one with solutions.

Another answer to our hypothetical “What is astrology?” question could be addressed from a position of connectivity.  We could say astrology is a metaphysical science that makes a connection with all life.

For eons the brightest scholars of their era have recorded planetary and stellar associations with humans, animals, insects, plants, seasons, weather, oceans, birds…everything on earth.  Tomes have been written about which celestial body activates certain organic bodies on earth.

For example,  Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn is affiliated with the Oak tree.  Now all three of these energies (Saturn, Capricorn, Oak) are linked.

From this triad we can find amazing connections in symbolism, personality, behavior, and even future probabilities (foretelling).   This is true with all the connections astrology makes between heaven and earth.

Whether we answer the question “What is astrology” from a simple standpoint by saying it is a study of outer space and its psychological influence on humankind -or- we approach the question from a position of astro-connection to everything on earth, one thing is clear.  Astrology is a vital science, worthy of our attention.

Astrology has the capacity to answer some of our most profound questions.  So, rather than asking “What is astrology?,” I propose we start a journey of practical “hands-on” study of astrology to answer the question to our own personal satisfaction.

Meaning, we can delve into this magnificent art and science of astrology, and by so doing we begin to answer what astrology means to us on a personal and profound level.

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Written by Avia Venefica of www.whats-your-sign.com

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