Weekly Astrological Overview November 28th – December 4th 2011

1st – Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

2nd – Mars in Virgo square Sun in Sagittarius

4th – Sun conjunct Mercury square Mars in Virgo

Not much movement in the planets this week, but what is there packs a punch. Venus conjunct Pluto on the 1st raises the temperature tenfold within all relationships but especially romance; there’s an increase in emotional intensity (though it quietly smoulders in a cool and Capricorn kind of way of course), as well as in the search for more depth and meaningful connection – Venus/Pluto likes to strip away what stands in the way of a true connection, yet also shies away from revealing too much of the self, especially when it involves revealing what others don’t normally see or know.

Venus and Pluto together also bring up issues of power balance in any relationship; in Capricorn this points to the very structure and foundation of a relationship, so any shaky moments this week might indicate Pluto’s transforming nature at work, restructuring and rebalancing from the ground up.

On the 2nd, Mars in Virgo square’s the Sun in Sagittarius. This can indicate a powerful conflict between laser beam focus on details versus the need to step back for a more general, broader view. Both are necessary, both have value, but both are very different in approach.

Sun in Sagittarius loves broad brush strokes and a panoramic view, where Mars in Virgo hates to leave any detail out. Mars in Virgo wants to hone in on precision and efficiency, where Sun in Sag is happy to sacrifice sweating the small stuff for the sake of getting on with the show – the joy is in the journey and all that. Sagittarius is about holding to beliefs no matter what, where Virgo is the sceptic who wants more proof than optimism and faith.

…And to further complicate the tension of the square aspect, Mercury retrograde joins the Sun on the 4th. Mercury square Mars is an argumentative aspect, which can mean sharp words and criticism (very sharp where mars in Virgo is concerned). But an argument or two isn’t the worst thing in the world, and the heat can be lessened with conscious awareness. It’s not easy for these two signs to see or accept the others perspective, but Mercury retrograde might be a helpful reminder of how old arguments seem less important given enough time.

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