Weekly Astrological Planetary overview 14th – 20th December

There are some intense planet patterns this week, indicating intense energy patterns within situations and events. On the 14th Mars, Pluto and Mercury retrograde are all close together (conjunct) in the sign of Capricorn. It’s a potent combination, because Pluto intensifies and concentrates the emotional energy of a situation while the strong desire energy of mars heats things up, and added to that, Mercury is pulling against Mars and Pluto, through the backward steps of its retrograde motion.

Pluto takes everything to deeper levels and brings out the unknown quantity in us all, and this can express positively or negatively, so it’s a good week for making peace with feelings of anger or rage, especially from past thoughts or memories that might resurface with Mercury retrograde; but it’s also a good week for getting in touch with those hidden reserves of energy that you didn’t know you had… situations are encouraging you to draw on resources within that you didn’t know you possessed, and this is what the buried treasure is all about that is a symbol associated with Pluto.

From the 16th to the 18th, Sun in Sagittarius forms a challenging square aspect to Jupiter and Uranus respectively. This can bring quite sudden clashes of opinion and perspective, or unexpected flashes of enlightenment about situations. It indicates hard won lightbulb moments, along with electric atmospheres thanks to the highly charged energy of Uranus.

Also on the 18th, Mercury retrogrades from Capricorn, back into Sagittarius; therefore joining forces with the sun squaring up to Jupiter/Uranus, and making communication something that can take us unexpectedly to new places.

It’s the square aspect that can make things feel a bit jarring or emotionally overwhelming (especially as energy is building all week towards the full moon eclipse on the 21st) however the unfolding of situations can hold plenty of potential for positivity, as running parallel to this square aspect , the sun (on the 17th) and then Mercury (on the 19th) links up nicely with imagination planet Neptune and then the healer asteroid Chiron over in Aquarius. Neptune and Chiron can have a deeply softening and soothing effect on the frazzled nerves and angst of the square, and helps to paint an attainable and optimistic picture of the future, where faith in self and humanity is rewarded. There’s no fear of bursting the bubbling feelings of Sagittarian optimism when Neptune and Chiron are involved.

To sum up, the flavor of the planets this week is described perfectly in a quote by Einstein:
“Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction”. The challenge then is to choose the road less travelled on longstanding arguments, resentments and niggles; no matter how right you are in your perspective of others, the basic principle of Law of Attraction states that energy goes where attention flows, so there’s great empowerment to be had in pulling back and not adding your energy to a negative mix, no matter how compelling it feels to jump in and put the world to rights.

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