Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini and the Winter Solstice!

This incredible Lunar eclipse on December 21st occurs at the same time as the Winter Solstice.  This hasn’t happened for over 400 years and will not occur again for many hundreds of years to come. It packs a powerful punch and is poised to cast you in a new direction. The eclipse is in mercurial Gemini, and you could find yourself swerving direction or suddenly seeing a whole new road opening up before you.

Gemini doesn’t want you to be fixed, but wants you to come up with loads of ideas for your future.  You could find yourself ignoring common sense and going after something irresistible. Your soul is screaming at you, so open your ears! This isn’t a time for setting limits in your thinking as the Sun moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn takes a reckless or impulsive idea and can turn it into a practical reality.

A conjunction between Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces ask us to stretch ourselves and trust our intuition and our spirit. There is an awakening of wisdom and a sense of personal destiny in the air. Your future is unfolding in your present.  By paying attention to the moment, the rest takes care of itself.

The Sun is entering hardy Capricorn, who has a determination like no other. You have the stubbornness and grit to make a decision but until the day comes you might not know exactly which way to go. Over the next few days you emerge as if from a chrysalis and see which way your soul needs to fly. Gemini is your wings and Capricorn is your perseverance.

Just bear in mind that Mercury the planet of communication is retrograde in Sagittarius, and that means there may be some important back tracking you need to do to go forward. Someone from overseas or a different culture may reconnect with you and if so pay attention as there maybe a message here.Take with you the jewels of communication that you have learned from the past. Don’t repeat past mistakes and, most of all, get ready to fly!

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