The numerology of 11.02.2011

What is the significance of this date? Well if nothing else it is a palindrome in that it reads the same in either direction.

There is some argument about the significance of numbers within dates and times etc. Some believe these numbers only hold significance because we place significance upon them. If we took no notice would they still be important? Honestly I don’t know. As a Numerologist I believe that all numbers hold a unique vibrational energy and when these numbers are doubled or tripled or simply arranged in an interesting way those energies are intensified. As we move toward 2012 and the end of the Mayan long count calendar there are many spiritual teachers around the world who believe we are heading for a shift in consciousness. I believe that these special dates are spiritual stepping stones along the way.

The energy of these days gives us opportunities to think about how we interact with our world and with each other. I personally believe these dates can act as a catalyst for change.

In the Tzoltec calendar, this date heralds the beginning of a new 260 day road. The Mayan astrology of the day is number 13 which brings opportunity to open to new levels of consciousness and possibilities of dramatic change. The character of the day is Ajpu which makes this a day to shine. This is the beginning a time before rebirth. It is the completion of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. This brings an opportunity to create balance between the masculine and feminine, between energy of the Sun/light and the Moon/dark. It is a day for being open to higher ideals and for bringing together love and spirit.
The number 11 is a master number which brings intuition and sometimes psychic abilities. It is the number of illumination and deep insight. Eleven brings the potential to push the limitations of human experience to its highest perception of spirituality. It is the number of re-alignment and brings opportunity for positive change. It can also bring frustrations and nervous energy depending on how we choose to react to it.

Two is the number of co-operation and diplomacy. It brings gentleness and sensitivity and patience and so we can see the potential for this to be a powerful day for positive change in the world. On a more personal level the energy of these numbers points more to relationships. We may find ourselves taking a good look at how we interact with people whether they are family, friends or colleagues. It is time to re-assess those relationships and see which ones really work for us and how we can make positive changes to those that don’t. The astrology of the day brings a moon in first quarter which is good for positive activity. If we choose to concentrate our energies on the positive I believe we can achieve great things. If we choose to allow negativity to creep in it could be a very uncomfortable day. I am ever the optimist and have great faith in humanity and so for me I see this this as a very positive gateway to connecting with our higher self. I will be holding a meditation at 11am on this day where we will be holding a vision of the earth in perfect balance and harmony. Feel free to join in wherever you are and celebrate all that is good in life and in the world.

Michele Knight reader Vikki ID 2265

Vikki is a hereditary empathy and healer whose early fascination with numerology really took off after she gained her Master attunement practicing Usui Reiki and Seichem Reiki.

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