Weekly Astrology Overview 7-14th Feb

Our fabulous and ever popular email psychic and astrology Barbara Palliser talks about next weeks astrology overview.

10th – Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (wide square to Jupiter in Aries)
14th – Mercury in Aquarius trine Saturn in Libra

There’s a suitably seductive Valentine’s week theme thanks to an intense meeting between Venus and Pluto on the 10th. Venus, the love planet, and Pluto, the planet of transformation, meet in the sign of firm foundations and great timing – Capricorn. Meanwhile expansive Jupiter in impatient Aries forms a square to the two.

Venus/Pluto always indicate deep emotions are being touched upon; it’s the sort of aspect that gets under your skin in order to draw your attention deeper within, sometimes in an uncomfortable way, but ultimately to transform any old and icky feelings into something more fabulous and phoenix like, though on the way it can really look like someone else is getting under your skin for whatever reason. This is where the trust comes in –that the situation is just reflecting back to you what you are already feeling inside on some level, and that dark feelings can be transformed to lighter ones – there’s always light at the end of the Pluto tunnel.

Jupiter in on the mix just amplifies it all, turns up the volume and the desire to act on what you’re feeling, which possibly isn’t always the best move when the feelings are icky. Love triangles, crushes, and unrequited feelings are all Venus-themed fodder for Pluto’s transforming energy; firstly by making them appear larger and more dominant than usual (with Jupiter’s help), and then by encouraging a whole new perspective that shed’s much needed light onto the proceedings.

It doesn’t have to be all obsession and difficulty of course; Venus/Pluto can take something that is working well and make it work better, by encouraging a deeper intimacy, if Pluto’s dare to drop the guard is acted on. It can also encourage a new relationship with yourself by peeling away old outdated layers to reveal more self-understanding. But whatever way the energy works through situations this week, it means that by Valentine’s day there’s some kind of emotional transformation for everyone to celebrate about themselves.

The 14th itself has a stable and enjoyable Mercury/Saturn trine, which means communication and getting the message across is a pleasure, to give and receive. Mercury is in the friendly and no-strings sign of Aquarius while responsible Saturn is in the harmony-loving Libra. It might not be the strongest indicator of soft-edged sweeping romantic bliss but at least you’ll know where you stand and it feels like solid ground. The Aquarius/Libra vibe is about recognising that all relationships have something unique and individual to appreciate, and Mercury/Saturn makes it easier to realise exactly what that special something is.

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