Weekly Astrology Overview 1-7th March

Jupiter square Pluto
3rd – Venus into Aquarius
4th – new moon in Pisces, Mars in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn

Co-operative planet Venus moves into the friendly and future focused sign of Aquarius on the 3rd, which helps support a go with the flow new moon in Pisces on the 4th.

All in all there’s five planets plus asteroid Chiron, in Pisces for the new moon… there’s the sun and moon together of course, sharing the same spot, which actually indicates a new moon occurring; there’s planet of pathways and logic, Mercury; there’s also action-orientated Mars, and unconventional Uranus. Chiron is known as the healing asteroid and in Pisces it suggests situations are made better by not resisting the current of circumstances, instead trusting that the flow is undoubtedly taking you to where you want to be, no matter how it looks on the surface.

It’s a lot of Pisces energy in one go; which means more emotion and feeling applied to situations, to the self and others; more compassion, more benefit of the doubt, more forgiveness, more understanding that we are all just doing our best from where we stand, and that it is enough in the long run. More surrender to the idea that the solution is there when the problem is let go of; more getting out of our own way, less tripping up over our own perspective of what is possible.

Mars makes a helpful sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, which intensifies and deepens the urge to take action that positively emotionally transforms a situation, and also helps sharpen the instincts and intuition as to what that action might be. This week is less about action for the sake of it and more about how any action feels to move with – if it feels good do it, as the saying goes.

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