Sign of the month – Pisces


Pisces is a water sign and the last sign of the zodiac. Pisces is the sign of completion and has the opportunity to be one of the most evolved signs. As the last sign it is very spiritually in tune and able to link and connect to others, the whole and the higher realms. Of course with all signs there is shadow and light. Pisces are even more aware of this than most signs as the two little fishes can constantly be pulling in two different directions. The desire to be enlightened, empathetic, kind and creative can be pulled into the shadow direction of romantic obsession, debauchery and paranoia!

Pisces have great empathy. If you were born under the sign of Pisces or have a lot of Pisces in your chart, you were born with the ability to feel other people’s emotions. Even – and sometimes especially – strangers can touch your heart or evoke great empathy. This can be quite challenging at times and part of your personal path of evolution means that you have to learn how to avoid mixing empathy with making assumptions.

Sometimes you are so connected that you might feel that you know everything that is going on. The slightest ripple in the water which other people may find imperceptible, you are likely to feel as a profound message. If someone is in pain and looking happy, you can feel it.  The shadow side of how this amazing ability plays out can mean that you can run away with your fantasies and emotions into a world of unreality.  For example, if your lover is distracted, you might start to convince yourself that they are having an affair or no longer love you.  These emotions seem so real in the moment that reality can disappear. Being grounded and waiting before you react to a momentary switch in emotions can help you transform.

You also have a genuine ability to see the world through what some people might call ‘rose tinted glasses’.  What you are really seeing is the true nugget of love in everyone and everything. Sure, sometimes you can weave a fantasy out of a situation, especially romantic ones, as you so want the evolved pure love that you know is under the surface to be a concrete reality. You might be able to look back through your own experience to recognise those times when you have trit trotted off into a romantic delusion, barely seeing the person in question (who might actually be blatantly inappropriate or wrong for you) and refusing to look reality in the eye. Often hurt or disillusioned when your enlightened love comers crashing down, you tend to feel emotional pain like a physical pain.

Pisces is also the most psychic sign and you can have prophetic dreams and feelings.  The challenge of this is to work out what is psychic intuition and what is fantasy. Being grounded is incredibly important as then you can turn into the Magician and, through your pure spirit and natural belief, you have a natural gift for creating an extraordinary reality. By combining the practical with the magical, you have the opportunity to bring all of your dreams into reality.  As long as you don’t get lost in hurt or fear, there is the potential to achieve the seemingly impossible.

You of all signs know deep down that we are all one, that there is no separation and that each of us is as important as the other. You do not care about money or material things (although you do love dreams coming true, so can appreciate all forms of reality).  You can also be very emotionally changeable as your emotional, psychic and spiritual antenna is very finely tuned. Sometimes if you are damaged or hurt by the harsh reality of the world you may find that you have a problem telling the truth. If you have been badly disillusioned, you may even slip into living a lie or living out a fantasy. It is very important for you to heal from this or you can lose the connection to others which is so important to you.

Learning to have boundaries is an essential step for a Pisces.  That means learning, sometimes through experience, when to say no and how to avoid getting into co-dependent relationships where you take on the role of rescuer. How to nurture and look after yourself as well as you look after other people creates an important shift to be all that you can be.

One of the most charitable, caring and giving signs, you really will be the one in front willing world peace. Others who don’t quite get your sensitivity may find you moody or imperceptible, but when you feel understood, you blossom. There is nothing worse for you than feeling misunderstood as you assume that others have the capability of feeling you the way that you feel them.  At your very best,  you are the very source of love and connection that makes the world go round. Wise, caring, profound and loving, you can show us true acceptance and union, not only with ourselves but the whole and dimensions beyond.

Positive –  The ability to love unconditionally, spiritually enlightened, empathetic, creative, gentle, loving, emotional visionary

Challenging – Self delusion, paranoia, fear of living, addiction

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