Weekly Astrology Overview April 4th – 10th 2011

4th – Neptune into Pisces

6th – Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aries

9th – Pluto retrograde till September

10th – Sun conjunct Jupiter conjunct retro Mercury

The bigger than big news this week is that Neptune, planet of imagination, moves into Pisces on the 4th. Since 1998 Neptune has been slowly travelling through the sign of Aquarius, which indicates the long-term focus and long-lasting effect of this planet.

This move into Pisces initially only lasts till August, (back again in 2012) but this is still a significant shift in energy and can indicate change, especially for those born under the signs of Aquarius and Pisces; the latter because Neptune rules the water (emotional) sign Pisces, and so is very much in its element there, while the air (intellectual) sign of Aquarius sometimes struggled to channel the relentless watery nature of Neptune.

On the 6th sun conjuncts Jupiter in Aries – the creativity of the sun meets the uplifting positivity of Jupiter, both in the action orientated sign of Aries; which means it’s the fire element full steam ahead. This is a time to open doors and jump with both feet into opportunity, with full faith that actions are going to reap rewards in the not too distant future (Aries prefers its rewards now rather than later)

On the 9th, Pluto begins a retrograde phase (where it appears to move backwards), until September of this year. It’s an annual occurrence, so it’s not an unfamiliar shift in energy, but it tends to bring an initial change or turnaround in situations as the retrograde takes place, with a desire to cut some deadwood, or clear some clutter. Pluto is all about emotions and feelings, so the decision of what to leave behind in situations will be made from an emotional basis rather than logic… this is about feng shui for the feelings.

On the 10th the sun/Jupiter conjunction is joined by retrograde Mercury, which can mean delays or setbacks can actually be a blessing in disguise… this is a time when having to take a different road might mean you meet someone you need to meet; or changes to travel plans might open a whole new journey in all sorts of ways. Communication too can have some interesting twists and turns, just don’t be too quick to interpret hold-ups or hindrances as bad news.

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