Weekly Astrological Overview April 11th – 17th 2011

11th – Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn

This week delivers a firecracker combo of Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. It’s a challenging astro aspect that suggests it’s a week for us all to pay special attention to people pushing our buttons and to understand what’s going on if that happens at a much deeper level.

To begin with, launching into full scale battle mode is the knee jerk reaction for Mars in Aries when feeling slighted or wounded, but the presence of Pluto indicates we are also dealing with our own old emotional ‘stuff’ here.  It’s likely that at even if we feel justified in letting rip in the moment, what’s actually going on is that all sorts of ancient inner feuds and resentments, some of which might be totally unrelated to what’s going on in the present, might come to the surface, giving them a rare intensity and power to snowball and escalate conflict.

That’s not to say it’s only imagination or unhealed wounds that are the problem because yes people around us might be behaving badly, and we might be totally justified in how we feel.  But think about all those other times when the same thing has happened and you’ve responded totally differently and ask yourself, on another day would your response be quite so deep, dark, dramatic… and final? Mars/Pluto tends to go for the action that will end all actions; the argument to end all arguments, and looks to express the very words that can’t ever be taken back (but with Mercury currently retrograde in Aries, you’ll never stop trying).

As ever with Pluto there are trust issues, and as Mars is about action, the two blend into a kind of guardedness when it comes to the real agenda…. you might sense this desire to hide motives, either in yourself or others, or both… as well as the desire to pick and prod and leave no stone unturned till the truth comes out. Letting go of the need to know or the need to hide is always a secret key to unlock the powerful energy of Pluto, acknowledging that only what is ready to be revealed is what you are ready for.

So how to get the best out of any bombshells and meltdowns?  Well Pluto is always seeking to unearth buried treasure or turn old scraps into gold, so being determined to do the same will line you up with the positive Pluto vibe. Don’t settle for old outdated beliefs and expectations about people; expect them to be more than they are cracked up to be.  See them as being whole and perfect, even if they are behaving badly.  See what happens if you don’t respond in kind, but gracefully hold your space and truth.  Expect action that will make a positive difference. Expect to see the light in situations.  Expect the gold to be buried in there… somewhere, and you’re most likely to find it!

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