Lisa’s Karma Clinic: Was I persecuted for being psychic in a previous life?

Dear Lisa, I would love to see if it is my past life that is blocking me. I have been trying to overcome fear for the most of my life, more so in the past few months.
Can a past life interfere with your present one? I have been trying to meditate but find it hard to visualise and open up my chakra. I read somewhere that you can struggle if you were persecuted in your former life for having psychic abilities.
My question is if so how do you overcome this as I have been told on many occasions I have the ability to develop, more so my third eye and crown chakras?
Lisa says:  It is interesting that you are so aware of the aspects that are blocking you. This means that you are making the most of the retrograde cycles to absorb the relevant planetary energy – in your case Saturn. This is fantastic! All you need to do to go forward is to understand these energies and start to integrate them within the cycles of your life.
The fears that you mention are related to having Saturn retrograde at a critical degree in the 8th house.  This indicates a tendency to gather up past life fears that swirl around at a subconscious level – but the good news is they can be cleared!
Having Saturn retrograde in Gemini at a critical degree means that you have a subconscious need to finish what you may have left in your past. Going backwards is important for you so that you can make a lot of progress with what you didn’t deal with in previous lives.  This retrograde position gives you another chance to improve on that and with the 8th house you can tune into these fears that you have and develop a new perception of them so that you can begin again free of the old past life constraints. . There are some key points that you should consider especially when Saturn is retrograde:
– Try not to overly concern yourself with others so that you get stressed or wrapped up in their issues
– Keep things simple – you do not need to constantly add to your own knowledge by ‘collecting’ other peoples facts or opinions
– Let go of thoughts that are not really important – use the retrograde cycle to go over the past and to see if there are aspects that need looking at but don’t overdo it. When Saturn turns direct, move forward into the future, be decisive about what needs to released and act to let go.
Remember – you can make things happen. Always cement your ideas on a central point and work on them thoroughly right to the finish. Use your skills and knowledge to help others and you will reach different types of people and gain insight into their experiences. This will bring you the diversity and changes that you need whilst fulfilling your achievements.
Regarding your past lives, I haven’t picked up from your chart that you have been persecuted for being psychic. Quite the contrary – a lunar eclipse in Aquarius at the time of your birth indicates that you have had much attention and respect from others. You probably have held positions of authority or nobility and were expected to conform to the conventions of the times. Now you don’t need to do this. You are here to explore your own ideas but also to help others in a humanitarian sense without expecting glory or loyalty.
In working with your third eye and crown chakras I can recommend a book by Tara Ward called Discover your Psychic Powers. She gives simple practical advice and guided meditations to enable to open up and connect more with aura energies. Alternatively I would recommend you to do some Reiki training (look for a Reiki Master carefully though) as this will heighten your meditation and sensory experiences.
Good luck with your journey and keep shining.
Lisa xx

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