Weekly Astrological Overview May 16th – 22nd 2011

17th – full Moon in scorpio, Venus/Mercury sextile Neptune.

20th – Mars/Venus/Mercury trine Pluto

21st – Sun into Gemini, sun square Neptune in Pisces 

It’s the full moon in Scorpio on the 17th, which means this is the ideal time for dealing with emotional baggage. Don’t think this means it has to be a heavy kind of week, it could be an easy transition from feeling bogged down with emotions and memories that are way past their use by date, to feeling the release and relief that goes with just the actual decision to clear that clutter and dropping burdens you no longer want to carry without fuss or turmoil, just a simple change of mind.

Supporting the full moon energy on the 17th is a sextile (harmonious) aspect between Venus, Mercury and Neptune. Venus is a balancing, harmonizing force, Mercury is linked strongly with the mind and cognitive processes, while Neptune is all about the imagination and the power of imagery and of images to move us emotionally. Put together it indicates a good balance in thoughts and feelings… there’s less chance imagining the worst, or letting worries spiral, and because Neptune always includes a little magic where ever it shows, there’s more chance of meaningful synchronicity and enjoyably baffling coincidences to lift sagging faith, especially regarding relationships.

On the 20th there’s an interesting combo of planets: Mars, Venus and Mercury together in down to earth Taurus, trines (harmonises with) Pluto in structure-loving Capricorn. Mars, Venus and Mercury together point to a time where expression and communication feels more important than usual, regarding the value and worth of current desires and goals. This could be a productive time for talking about future plans with others as everyone seems focused on following their best feeling path; especially with deep and meaningful planet Pluto involved. Because everyone can feel what is valuable and important to them so tangibly right now, it makes it easier to find an understanding with others and link up with those who share a similar vision for the future.

Along with the Scorpio full moon, this planet combo makes for a sexy, seductive, sensual week; so make the most of this touchy-feely atmosphere; but not just for obvious reasons, also because the sun moves into Gemini on the 21st, and makes a square (challenging) aspect to Neptune. It means there are situations and people over the weekend that might be hard to pin down or to fathom out, and this underlying backdrop of other planets in stable and secure-minded Taurus really helps to deal more effectively with the negative effects of Sun clashing with Neptune.

Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces could indicate the experience of deception or less than up front dealings; but more, it’s easy to self-deceive at this time; it’s not necessarily that worries have any real foundation, but getting paranoid that they do makes it more difficult to discern what is true and what is not.

The answer is to temporarily suspend the need for others to make sense or to appear plausible, and concentrate instead on staying true to self, wherever that might lead. Sun square Neptune calls for enjoying your own true colours, rather than worrying whether others are displaying theirs.

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