Weekly Astrological Overview 30th May – 5th June 2011

1st  – new moon solar eclipse in Gemini, trine Saturn retrograde in libra

3rd – mercury into Gemini, square Neptune in pisces; Neptune retrograde

4th – Jupiter into Taurus

This week includes a powerful new moon eclipse in Gemini. A new moon eclipse means it’s a solar eclipse, where sun and moon both share the same degree of a zodiac sign. It’s a big signpost in the sky towards new beginnings, born out of events in the days and weeks around the eclipse, that have longterm significance.

As the sign involved is Gemini, it means communication, information exchange, and getting the message across are all central themes; emails, phone calls and texts take on extra significance; new directions unfold as a result of their contents, and new intentions and desires are born from what situations inspire emotionally.

In other words, how you feel about yourself, and in yourself, relative to situations involving communication is everything this week.

This eclipse has a rather fabulous trine (co-operative) aspect to Saturn, planet of structure, in the sign of the scales, Libra. The scales energy enhance the idea of relationship and relativity as it’s a sign that seeks balance and harmony, so relationship with self and others through communication is again highlighted. When Saturn aspects in a challenging way there’s often an uncomfortable awareness of how limiting or restricting structures can be, but an aspect like this just amplifies how stabilising and supportive some healthy boundaries can be.

Co-operative Saturn is also about good timing, which is a wonderful thing when communication matters. There’s no putting your foot in it this week (if you feel that way, just hold your horses from judging it too harshly, as you never can tell how a well placed word out of line can click things into place in terms of the bigger picture, it’s all about reaching for balance, remember.

On the 3rd, Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini begins it’s annual journey through that sign, emphasising the communication theme again. Mercury is the old god of pathways and crossroads, so it’s all about how to get from A to B, but as Mercury immediately meets nebulous Neptune in a rather challenging way (square aspect), it might be less than clear how to do this…. Mercury and Neptune together are a recipe for mixed messages, lost information, or misunderstandings… its vital to not take appearances too seriously right now in situations, as they are liable to appear differently very quickly under the shimmering quicksilver Merc/Neptune combo. Especially so as Neptune begins it’s retrograde phase (appearing to move backwards) on this day too, changing the look of things all over again.

However next day on the 4th there’s a wonderful grounding and steadying influence coming into play – Jupiter, planet of opportunity and expansion is moving into the earthy sign of Taurus for approximately the next year, so it’s potential abundance for all the Taurean loves in life… which is basically the material world itself in all its reassuringly stable and secure forms…what you love and value most about the physical world is what Jupiter in Taurus is up for making more of over the coming year.

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