The numerology of June – Balance and Harmony

As the sixth month June resonates to the energy of the number six which brings opportunities to look at our personal relationships. Six is the number of Balance and Harmony and enables us to bring a sense of Balance to the home environment. I have certainly been feeling the effects of this energy in my home over the past week or so and I suspect many other people will also be feeling the effects of the six.  Traditionally six is associated with the feminine and encourages us to embrace the Goddess within. This is a time of change and of growth within relationships. Sometimes this can simply be about taking existing relationships to another level. Sometimes it can be about making adjustments as something changes within the dynamics of the home. It may be the birth of a child bringing change. It could be an older child leaving home and having to deal with that sense of loss and empty nest syndrome. We may find ourselves at the beginning of a new romantic relationship or sadly at the end of a relationship.
Maybe it’s time to move house or change our job. Whatever the change it is always about growth and development and always for our higher good. Inevitably by the end of the month we should be in a much more balanced environment than we are at the beginning of the month. The sacred geometry of the six is the Hexagon or the Star of David, the six pointed star. It is often represented by the Yin Yang symbol which represents Balance and the colour is a rich dark blue.
Obviously the number of the month for you on a personal level may be different depending on the numbers in your date of birth but in general as the sixth month it will be influenced by the energy of six which is also associated with a love of Nature and of Beauty. To help to bring a sense of Balance into your life this month make time to take a walk in nature. Visit local woodland and spend time with trees. Maybe take a walk along the beach and allow the sea breeze to blow away the cobwebs of winter and refresh body soul and mind. Treat yourself to some flowers to brighten and lift the energy of your home or just spend time in the garden. This connection with Earth will help us to remain grounded this month and remind us of the natural beauty of our world.

Michele Knight reader Vikki ID 2265

Vikki is a hereditary empathy and healer whose early fascination with numerology really took off after she gained her Master attunement practicing Usui Reiki and Seichem Reiki.

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