Weekly astrological overview June 6 – 12th 2011

7th– Mercury in Gemini  trine retrograde Saturn in Libra

10th – venus into Gemini square Neptune in Pisces

12th – venus in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries

After last week’s big eclipse in Gemini, the strong air element theme continues with Love goddess Venus beginning a bright and breezy journey through this sign on the 10th.

Before that, on the 7th, Gemini’s ruler Mercury makes a lovely harmonious trine aspect to planet Saturn in Libra. As Saturn is the planet of structures and boundaries, it indicates that timing for the urge to talk, write or receive communication is going to be spot on. It’s right time, right place especially regarding relationships, but also any contracts or agreements as Gemini/Libra energy keeps the lines of communication well and truly wide open, making sure everyone understands what’s involved.

Mercury and Saturn meeting this way indicates a clear road ahead; it’s a time when you speak with authority or those in authority are going to listen – and a time when red tape doesn’t get in everyone’s way. Saturn is retrograde (appearing to move backwards) so the communication might be something you’ve been waiting for that you thought left or buried in the past… it’s a good time to revisit issues, even sensitive ones, as Saturn is both supportive and stabilising to Mercury’s eternal quest for answers, while the air element of Gemini and Libra helps to keep the emotions cool and the mind open.

On the 10th, Venus moves into Gemini… which makes romance flirty, fun, and contrary to popular opinion about Gemini energy, not the least shallow or superficial. Venus in Gemini loves to find connection with others through communication and sometimes this makes the words less important than the actual connection, but the intention for connection has meaning . Common ground, shared interests and shared experience are all high on the agenda, which means conversation can keep this Venus busy for hours at a time.

Venus squares Neptune on the 10th, not always an easy aspect to deal with… in this case it can mean the urge to put love on a pedestal, or to mistakenly think love is unattainable…  its because Venus/Neptune out of balance magnifies any lingering issues that have a feeling of unworthiness at the core, so the solution, as ever, is to catch the feeling and transform it, rather than focus on fixing the circumstances.

Venus square Neptune can also mean mixed messages or misunderstandings are rife, but a Venus sextile Uranus aspect on the 12th will help sort this out; this indicates a sudden burst of clarity to burst any bubbles of confusion. It’s great for getting perspective, and also great for unexpected meetings or communication, nicely unpredictable and a welcome slice of excitement.

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