Astrological overview June 20th – 26th 2011

22nd – Summer Solstice, Sun into Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces.

Mars into Gemini square Neptune in Pisces, Mercury square Saturn

The Sun moves into the sign of Cancer on the 22nd, which means it’s Solstice time – Summer Solstice for those of us above the equator, Winter Solstice for those south of the equator.  It’s a change of season and a turning on the wheel of the year that reflects potential change and movement within all situations.

This Solstice has a quite beautiful aspect between the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. Cancer and Pisces are both water signs, so when planets of the same element are in alignment like this it’s called a trine, an aspect of harmony.

The Sun and Neptune expressing through the fluid, flowing, feeling element of water like this means there’s a soft and soothing vibe presiding. Even though pushy Mars now moves into dualistic Gemini, and is in square (tense) aspect with Neptune, while Mercury in Cancer squares Saturn in Libra, the resulting tension and contradiction that is common with the more challenging aspects is lessened and loosened somewhat by Sun/Neptune, making the week a whole lot easier to deal with.

Mars in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces can often feel like efforts towards communication or discussion are being undermined or contradicted…  it’s the hamster wheel effect – lots of action seemingly going nowhere, perhaps through a lack of clarity or focus… maybe with ourselves, or others not being totally clear with us.

Mercury in Cancer square Saturn in Libra is about feeling the pressure to get things right, or to put things right – especially related to family or close relationships – Saturn squaring Mercury is also the feeling of restricted or limited communication in these areas; it’s the aspect that makes you feel you might as well talk to the wall….

So  don’t waste time talking to walls, instead there’s sweet solution in just surrendering to the subtle but strong Sun/Neptune vibe… this is the vibe of the positive power of escapism and distraction; it’s the high wave of appreciation that sweeps through in goosebumps when faced with any slice of cosmic magic: from blissing out to favourite music or a fabulous sunset; being emotionally moved by or to a random act of kindness, or just noticing how life continues to tick along nicely, reassuringly unruffled; the birds keep singing, the world keeps turning and the seasonal Solstices keep us all moving too.

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