Astrological Overview July 4th – 10th 2011

4th – venus into cancer trine Neptune in pisces

5th – mercury in leo trine Uranus in aries

6th – mars in Gemini trine Saturn in libra

7th –  Jupiter in Taurus trine pluto in capricorn

8th – venus opposite pluto in cap

Plenty to look forward to this week; there’s a varied but very harmonious week in store, beginning on the 4th when Love goddess Venus moves into the emotionally nurturing sign of Cancer, and immediately links up in trine (easy) aspect to imaginative Neptune in Pisces. It’s flowing, fluid, soft, sensitive, dreamy energy for all relationships, but especially for romance.

Next day on the 5th there’s bound to be a lightbulb moment or two as Mercury in Leo lines up with Uranus in Aries; it’s a combination that spells ‘bright idea’, as well as ‘unexpectedly fascinating communication’, so don’t hold back if you feel the urge to connect, or to spark up a few words with a stranger; it’s days like this you can’t predict what positives will come of it.

On the 6th it’s another communication themed day, this time with Mars in Gemini aligning with Saturn in libra. The Gemini/libra air signs indicate it’s all about the thoughts and cognitive process, while Mars in harmony with Saturn means strong motivation and constructive action regarding all communication and mentally focused activities. It’s a great time for meetings, appointments, for making those difficult phone calls, or for gaining support for plans.

On the 7th Jupiter in Taurus trines pluto in Capricorn. As Jupiter and Pluto are quite slow moving planets, this aspect is going to be in force for quite a few days , and as it’s a harmonious meeting, it’s something to make the most of….

Jupiter is the planet of opportunity while Pluto is all about transformation. Jupiter likes to do things on a grand scale, while Pluto can make it all seem deeper than deep and meaningful, yet it’s expressing through the down to earth style of Capricorn realism and Taurus practicality, so there’s little chance of wild goose chases or chasing rainbows, this is the real deal –  a potentially productive period of great change and expansion.

Finally on the 8th there’s something to make the weekend a bit special – Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn. While oppositions are sometimes a bit difficult planetary aspects to deal with, there’s already the buoyant energy of Jupiter/Pluto in the atmosphere around this one, as well as it being true that any Venus/Pluto combo is more than likely going to spice up the romance dept in a big way. Even bigger with Jupiter around.

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