Weekly Astrological Overview July 11th – 17th 2011

12th – Venus square Saturn

15th – Full moon in Capricorn, mercury in Leo sextile mars in Gemini

It’s a week where a sense of responsibility, duty or obligation are high on the agenda, especially regarding family and closest emotional ties.

Relationship orientated Venus is in square (challenging) aspect to limitation planet Saturn on the 12th, which can pile the pressure on partnerships and close connections, romantic or professional. There’s the tendency for approval seeking to overcome – Venus is the goddess of harmony after all, so peace at any price under Saturn’s stern eye means the temptation for self-sacrifice for the sake of avoiding disapproval.

But this is a fake kind of harmony that undermines true self-worth, so a real balance must be found where pleasing others comes second to staying true to self.

Venus square Saturn can also bring up fears about relationships; fears of commitment, of getting closer, of moving forward; usually with an fear of rejection or failure at it’s core – it’s that approval/disapproval issue again….

But also this week there’s the full moon in Capricorn on the 15th. Capricorn is the sign that Saturn rules, and following on the heels of this Venus/Saturn square means that any related issues that manifest this week can be brought to a head under the full moon emotional spotlight and transformed into  more positive focus.

A Capricorn full moon means the sun stands in the family-orientated sign of Cancer, so family responsibilities are at the forefront at this time, and it’s also a time when commitments might be made or manifested, as the sense of duty is strong in Capricorn, and with the moon ruling the emotions, it’s all about honouring those feelings.

There’s a helpful sextile (harmony) aspect between communication planet Mercury in the outgoing sign of Leo, and motivated Mars in the communication sign of Gemini, which is useful for moving the full moon energies in a positive direction when it comes to conversations and connections…  in other words, it’s unlikely that those who make a promise to connect or communicate at this time will fail to do.

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