Weekly Astrological Overview July 18th – 24th 2011

23rd – sun into leo,

It’s a relatively quiet week in the heavens as the sun wraps up its annual journey through the sign of Cancer and begins a month long journey through the sign it rules – Leo.

Here’s what that might mean for your sign:


Sun in your house of fun means it’s time to play. Romance and dating are included here, but complex dynamics call on your patience – it’s the lighter side of relationships that interests you now.


Sun in Leo means it’s all about home and family; this might be a month for getting creative with home improvements, or for making home and family the centre of your attention.


For you communication becomes more important than usual, as you become more aware of your own power to draw the right words at the right time.


Sun in Leo activates more interest in money matters, as well as property and purchase power – you’ve a sense of self-worth and pride in your possessions.


This is your time of year, your month, when the sun moves through your sign. This is a time when your appearance might change in some way – self-image is up for a revamp or reinvention, and you feel more extrovert than usual.


This can be a time of self-reflection for Virgo, as the sun hits your most reclusive, intuitive side. Sleep and dreams can be both illuminating and recharging for the spirits so make the most of any desire to power nap.


Friendship, groups, gatherings and teamwork are especially highlighted at this time of year for you, when you gravitate to what gives you a shared sense of purpose, or brings out a sense of community spirit.


Long range plans, especially career related are grabbing your attention more than usual for the next few weeks. You’ll be attracting circumstances to pull your plans into clearer focus, and light up the next steps more clearly.


Your awareness that the joy is in the journey not the destination is more active at this time of year. Your interest in travel and education comes to the forefront, as your hunger for a learning curve is activated.


The unknown and unknowable is attracting your attention in a particular way right now… you might notice more situations that test your ability to let go and trust the process are coming your way.


This is a month where all relationships come to the forefront; you are a people person by nature and people are drawn to this in you – they sense your interest in them. Normally cool as a cucumber, romance now brings out the drama queen in you.


Your problem-solving skills might be in demand more than usual over the next few weeks as your ability to draw solutions your way is high. You might find yourself on a health kick too.

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