Your Weekly Horoscopes July 26th – August 1 2011


New moon in 5th conjunct venus, trine Uranus in aries, square Jupiter in 2nd

There are tidings of joy when it comes to your love life.  To begin with, this week is all about fun and creativity and gathering any confidence that you may have lost recently.  It’s often assumed that Aries are always bursting with confidence and often they are, but they do go through phases when aren’t always as confident as they may seem.  If that’s true of you, it’s time to embrace who you truly are, to know what a loving soul you are, to be generous of spirit, magnanimous and kind, confident and warm.  Steer clear of being arrogant and a bit proud and you’ll feel great about you and others will be drawn towards you.  You are love, everywhere you look is love.  When it comes to your career, there could be a bit of a tussle between what you want, other’s opinions and how far you can go.  You may even feel torn between being secure in what you’re doing and also feeling footloose and fancy free.  Whatever it is, if you can take a totally different perspective and look at your situation in the way that  someone else would or through a framework that is radically different from the way that you might usually see things, you’ll come up with a stunning answer.


New moon in 4th conjunct venus, trine Uranus in 12th square Jupiter in Taurus

This week you’re going to want total security, to be at home cooking and doing nice things and gravitating towards those who know you well and share your view on life.  When it comes to partners, you’ll want to nourish yourself and them.  You’re also feeling very intense and might suddenly get something on a deep level and you’re also likely to find that you’re a lot more intuitive than usual.  You can tune in to what people are feeling and you’re also able to emotionally handle what you can see.  If you’re feeling a bit insecure, however, that could escalate and start to influence the way that you see everything around you.  Insecurity and fear are illusions and are particularly bad for you as they make you get set in your ways as you scramble for security but the trick is to look for security within yourself and then take that with you wherever you go in the world.  In particular, pay attention to any sudden insights and allow yourself to be guided by the universe, even if they urge you in different or spontaneous directions, rather than sticking to whatever in your world is tried and true.  So do cosy up an nurture yourself with those you love, but also be ready for those twitching on your psychic antennae that could be bringing in some very important messages for you.    


Mercury into 4th opposite Neptune in 10th, new moon in 3rd conjunct venus trine Uranus in 11th square Jupiter in 12th.

Part of you wants to be very clear and get commitment but there seems to be some kind of thing going on around your work or your dreams and you’re not really sure what you want.  This is actually a chance for you to test your dream from all angles and allow your creativity to flow.  You can use your heart chakra communications to shed some light on what’s going on at work or in relation to your dreams. Come at it from your heart and step into relationship with everyone in your life in a whole new way.  Other than that, you want loads more spontaneity in your friendships.  You’re actually juggling a lot inside but instead of doing what you would usually do, which is to speak from your logical or your mind, communicate from your heart, step into your love and your joy and all should be well.


New moon in 2nd conjunct venus trine Uranus in 10th square Jupiter in 11th

You are getting in touch with being the magician in your life this week, but what area should you focus on?  Well, this week you have the possibility to feel a bit more secure in yourself and be a bit unconventional in your relationships.  In terms of your career, something dazzling is coming your way and you’re likely to get a glimpse of what that is this week so keep your eyes peeled.  A good friend may be making warning noises about a rash move you’d like to make related to your work or love life.  You have to weigh that up and decide for yourself what is right for you.  You have the answer to this conundrum within yourself.  Right now you’re more secure than you have ever been.  Safety is huge for Cancerians, but allow yourself to feel like the Fool in the Tarot and take a look at what risks you might be able to safely take.  Of course, hold on to your common sense and we’re not talking recklessness here, but the planets are suggesting that you’re actually in a good place to do things slightly differently.


New moon in leo conjunct venus, trine Uranus in 9th square Jupiter in 10th

I’m very excited for you as the new Moon is in your sign.  It’s your personal new year with you getting the chance for a new start, recharged, reborn and ready for action.  You are imbued with the sense of love and you can look at the world with total faith.  Something lovely and unexpected is on the cards and you might want to study something totally different or go overseas to expand yourself, and what better time than now?  Avoid at all costs being proud or arrogant – even if it comes from insecurity – just allow the beautiful, authentic you to shine and you should have a fabulous week. 


Mercury into virgo opposite Neptune in 7th. New moon in 12th conjunct venus, trine Uranus in 8th square Jupiter in 9th,

It’s all a bit mysterious and foggy this week.  Careful you don’t get a bit controlling about how you communicate this week, even though you can be very precise.  The challenge comes from part of you wanting everything to be very clear but the planets are conspiring to make sure that no matter what you do, you can’t get a clear idea about how relationships are going.  Watch that you don’t tumble into obsessing about someone or skipping off onto a romantic tangent.


New moon in 11th conjunct venus trine Uranus in 7th square Jupiter in 8th

New Moons give a boost to our intentions and whichever house it touches tells us where we are most able to create a powerful new cycle.  This week’s new Moon lands in your house of relationships and that means you can create a powerful new cycle in this arena.  Whether you’re in a relationship or not, it could be that your lover suddenly gets on really well with your friends or if you’re single, it means that your friends could introduce you to a new lover.  It could even mean that someone you thought was a friend could suddenly declare an attraction and take you on a tour of love!  So take some time out to really think about what friendship means to you, invite this new energy into your life and allow yourself to step into something slightly different.


New moon in 10th conjunct venus trine Uranus in 6th square Jupiter in 7th

The planets this week are lined up in a way that allows you to get your mojo back when it comes to work. If you’ve been feeling a bit disconnected from what you do or have been slightly flat lately, all that can get put behind you and you’re ready to go again.  When it comes to your relationships, you’re able to embrace the unconventional and push the boundaries.  If you’ve had the same problem for ages – even if the problem is that you are single  – you’re going to think outside of the box, transform the pattern and do something different. 


Mercury in 10th opposite Neptune in 4th, New moon in 9th conjunct venus trine Uranus in 5th square Jupiter in 6th

The new Moon inspires new energy in you as it relates to that aspect of your life you adore – it’s all about travel, adventure and expanding your horizons so get involved with things that inspire you and you could also bump into someone who inspires you too. When it comes to your career, the best advice I can give you is to be rational and logical as you’re likely to want to leap into something crazy that needs grounded thought and planning.  When it comes to relationships, someone might be giving you the run around. That’s not such a bad thing as you’re a free spirit and anyone too full on makes you want to back off.  Either that, or you meet someone and even though there’s definitely a spark, it isn’t all going at full speed just yet and there’s a little bit of dreaminess attached. Again, that’s no bad thing.  Focus for the moment on that expansion and everything will follow.


Mercury in 9th opposite Neptune in 3rd, new moon in 8th conjunct venus trine Uranus in 4th square Jupiter in 5th

This week, there’s a quite an intense, broody feel to you thanks to the new Moon in the area of your life that relates to power, sex and transformation.  It’s full on and you’re not sure what’s going to happen.  You can feel that whatever is going on is primal and you can’t ignore the feelings that are coming up to the surface.  So what can you do?  Start by understanding that life is a process of transformations that happen in cycles.  It may be that something from the past is rising up to be dealt with and all you need to do is understand that this is a part of life.  Face and surrender to your fears knowing they can’t swamp you and you can transform yourself.  You’re not one to panic but be aware of where you’re standing.  Something within you that you are ignoring is calling out for your attention and you can deal with it just by being true and honest to your deepest inner feelings. 


Mercury in 8th opposite Neptune in 2nd, new moon in 7th conjunct venus trine Uranus in 3rd square Jupiter in 5th

You want to talk about love this week and possibly get a bit passionate and intense.  New love is beckoning – either a new cycle or a new level of loving in an existing relationship – and you’re able to ground yourself and go with the flow rather than intellectualise your emotions.  Be careful you don’t get a bit jealous or paranoid and instead really open up.  Whatever you do, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that just because some one stirs up powerful feelings, it means that they have power over you because that’s not true.  You might even take personally what someone else decides to do if they announce that they are off on a tack of their own, but again, don’t give your power away.  There are a lot of twists and turns this week, but they do bring delights in their wake.


Mercury in 7th opposite Neptune in pisces, new moon in 6th conjunct venus trine Uranus in 2nd square Jupiter in 4th

You may have a revelation about how you express yourself in relationships.  Are you being clear about what you are saying or is someone just saying what they know you want to hear?  You’re feeling quite grounded but you really are desperate to find out what the truth is.  If you suspect that someone isn’t quite giving it to you straight, it might actually be a mirror for how you can usually be in relationships – not dishonest, but not necessarily speaking your whole truth in case you hurt people.  In terms of your career, others are experiencing you as someone they can trust and someone in a position of power might decide to invest more time, power or money in you.  All in all, you’re a lot more confident in yourself so allow yourself to know that others are seeing you as reliable, trustworthy and practical and that’s a good thing.

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