Weekly Astrological Overview August 1st – 7th 2011

1st – sun in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus.

2nd – Mercury in Virgo stationary to retrograde opposite Neptune in Pisces.

3rd – Mars into Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces

4th – Venus in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus…

5th – Neptune retrograde into Aquarius

It’s a week where past meets present, with Mercury beginning another retrograde phase and Neptune reversing signs from Pisces back to Aquarius (temporarily).

Before that there’s a big bright sun square Jupiter aspect. Normally, a square aspect indicates friction and challenge, but when it’s between sun and Jupiter, the negative connotations are lessened because they are both easily such positive energies… the creativity of the sun and the abundance mentality of Jupiter are going to produce a ‘bring it on’ kind of energy, which at the worst means burning the candle at both ends, or a tendency to over-reach or overstretch on the leaps of faith.

On the 2nd Mercury stations in its own sign, Virgo, ready to retrograde (appear to move backwards) for the next couple of weeks. This is an interesting one, as imagination planet Neptune stands opposite in Pisces… it can mean misunderstandings, mistakes, or items mislaid; but it can also indicate a fabulous doorway to the creative heart of the imagination… the precise, sharp and focused Mercury mixing with limitless, boundary-less Neptune can mean fabulous flights of fantasy and creative visualisation, all in great Virgo detail – this is a great time for meditations to connect with spirit guides, past lives, or for remembering all kinds of spiritual information that you already knew but temporarily forgot.

On the 3rd, there’s a sweet and cozy trine aspect between Mars in Cancer and Neptune In Pisces… the watery nature of both signs indicates harmony of feeling, and the softening of feisty Mars with Neptune’s rose tinted specs means it’s a day for seeing everyone’s sensitive side, no matter how gruff and grumpy they might like to pretend they are on the surface. Remember with Neptune, appearances can be deceptive.

Romance is in the air with the Mars/Neptune aspect, and more so on the 4th, when Venus in Leo is square to Jupiter in Taurus. Just like the Sun/Jupiter vibe of the 1st, this is essentially a benign blend of energies, great for grabbing your love interests attention, so make the most of this mix with Mars/Neptune – it all adds up to a soft, sensual but spotlight loving vibe.

On the 5th Neptune reverses from the sign of Pisces back into Aquarius. Neptune dipped a toe in the Pisces waters from early April this year, and is due to return to stay longterm early next year. Till then there’s a last chance to experience Neptune through Aquarius – so look for unlimited, future focused miracle-making when it comes to friends, groups or gatherings.

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