Weekly Astrological Overview August 8th – 14th 2011

8th – mercury retrograde into leo opposite Neptune in aquarius

9th – mars in cancer opposite pluto in Capricorn, wide tsquare Uranus in aries

13th – FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS, sun, venus, mercury retrograde conjunct

If you’ve felt a bit like you don’t know whether you are coming or going regarding certain situations recently, fear not, the planets are symbolising you are still on track. It might be hard to actually see the track, with perceptive Mercury opposing foggy Neptune (around the 8th), but it’s still all in place despite appearances.

And that is also true despite how emotionally intense this week has the potential to be. There’s a power-packed planet formation in force all week, when feisty Mars stands opposite the emotionally transformative planet Pluto. This aspect is always an indication of strong feelings brewing in situations, but there’s an added element with unpredictable planet Uranus standing square to both Mars/Pluto. Mars in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries means this all presses buttons around emotional security and the structures that support that.

It can all symbolise a sudden release of strong energy or emotion – what’s been pent-up or bottled-up comes out; what has been hidden comes to light. Sounds ominous? Well it doesn’t have to be… it all works very well indeed when channelled positively, which means this is a week to hold a loving perspective when it comes to others motives… Mars/Pluto can indicate hidden agendas and motives, and deeply held desires that are not easily shared. None of which has to be negative or something to fear in yourself or others, it’s all about trusting your own process and refusing to be swept into a less positive vibe about how things are going for you and how things are coming from others.

The full moon on the 13th certainly helps with this, as the moon sits in live and let live Aquarius, while sun, venus and Mercury hold a party together in lovely, lavish Leo. It’s a powerful week that takes conscious focus on a positive view for best results, but it’s worth the effort.

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