Lisa’s Karma Clinic: What’s the big vision for my life?

Dear Lisa,

I’m 31 years old and I’m stuck or rather feel stuck in a job that is not challenging.  I made the  mistake of choosing my career path out of fear of routine and laziness and now that I’ve been wanting to change from the field I’m currently in, I find myself in front of close doors due to not having a proper degree etc.

I am also lost in general, I had for the first time found someone to love and fell head over heels in love and now I’m alone again, trying to pick up the pieces of my life as the person whom I saw a future with was actually in love with someone else.  I find myself empty, without a purpose and don’t know if there is any point to any of this anymore, so I am hoping to get some insight if there is in fact a greater plan so I can start moving in the right direction.

Lisa says:

I’m sorry that you have lost your direction. Right now, your disillusionment with love and your career shows that you have not found the right path and that’s why you are feeling lost.  I hope I can give you a sense of what your life purpose should be about.

Firstly, I feel that you should see this time as a positive time for a fresh start. It’s time for you to awaken to what you are really here to do and be.

You have Pluto in the 6th house. That indicates that for your soul growth and transformation you will need to develop a rounded opinion of life.  That in turn will help you declutter all that isn’t needed.  It will also help you understand your connections with others and when to help and when to hold back.  Taking a more holistic view will also mean that you will have a lot more empathy and patience for other people’s errors.  Your general outlook will become calmer.  Life will feel like it flows more naturally.

You also have the vertex in the 6th house, meaning you are likely to have friends and love relationships through your career or work.  You may even decide that you are genuinely happiest alone and put your career first.   

The vertex in the birth chart is the most fated part and indicates directly what the universe expects from you. As you have the vertex in Libra, you will come across key moments in your life when you will need to achieve.  Such moments will feel fated, as though they are meant to happen.  Almost certainly, they will involve you

•             bringing people together, being a counsellor or determining what is right and wrong

•             looking at issues around oppression or subjugation –maybe as this shows up in your life or in the life of others where you are in a position to help.

•             Working on the areas of reconciliation and truces

•             Discarding biases

•             Being decisive

The way to create your awakened future for yourself is channel correctly your creativity and intelligence. The asteroid Pallas shows you how to do this and in your case it sits in Aquarius and in the 11th house. This shows you have the ability to see how things could be in the future. You can utilise energy frequencies such as colour and crystals and create new imaginative things through your artistic and innovative capabilities. Areas such as music, film, computing, media, or sci fi may all appeal to you.

You are adept at interpreting cultural phenomena and could be a protector of people or campaign on causes on behalf of others.  You can share your knowledge by being productive in a way that will benefit others and their future. You can help to create new beginnings for society as being part of a team or association. Your knowledge has a political slant and you have what it takes to be a patron or speaker for a cause.

You can be really happy and find your joy by being inspired by people and things, but make sure that you are discerning. Inspiration and imagination are only one part of the process. Express yourself and let your happiness shine through what you create. Have the determination to produce tangible results from all that you imagine.

You have Vesta in Pisces and in the 12th house, which means that spirituality will be incredibly important to you, although you are likely to be frightened of searching for the answers that you need. Some of your most ingrained issues can be resolved by connecting at a universal level; it may be worth making sure that you have time alone to connect and reflect regularly or use a spa or retreat to get to grips with your subconscious.

You have Mars at a critical degree of 0 which can be challenging if you act without thinking. I would urge you to listen to your instincts, and you can get things done and make fast and (usually) decent decisions. Spontaneity used properly is one of your assets, as are simplicity, purity of action, and innovation.

Remember you can be a step ahead of the rest of us. Use this energy to start fresh ideas, pioneering action, and new projects that will keep you happy. Enjoy the fact that you can strive to get back on purpose and see it as a challenge. You can do it and you can make a difference.

Keep shining,

Lots of luck on your journey,

Lisa xx

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