Weekly Astrological Overview August 22nd – 28th 2011

22nd – Venus into Virgo

23rd – Sun into Virgo

24th – Mars square Saturn

25th – Venus trine Pluto

27th – Mercury stationary to direct in Leo 19 degrees

It’s all change this week, as Venus and the Sun move from the incandescent sign of Leo to precise and practical Virgo on the 22nd and 23rd, which means there are lists to be made, schedules to streamline, details to deliberate and facts and figures to ponder.

Virgo loves to move from chaos to order, from problem to solution, and tends to feel guilty if perfection isn’t being reached 100% of the time, so keeping the shadow side of Virgo in check is also on the ‘to do’ list… self-criticism and self-condemnation, or its projection toward others, is one sign that Virgo energy is out of balance, so that’s the signal that it’s time for a bit of TLC and a softening of the critical eye toward self and others.

It’s especially necessary on the 24th, when Mars squares (challenges) Saturn, as it’s the classic ‘driving with the brakes on’ aspect that can easily raise frustration and discouragement when trying to tick off that to do list. On the plus side, Mars/Saturn inspires great discipline and a sense for good timing when channelled effectively towards any project with passion, as Saturn contains Mars urge for instant action till the moment is just right, and with all this Virgo energy in full flow, that ‘just right’ feeling can be very satisfying.

On the 25th Venus trines (harmonises) with Pluto, which benefits all relationships as trust deepens and power struggles subside. It also adds an extra sensual and seductive edge to romance thanks to the Virgo/Capricorn earth element influence. And on the 27th Mercury stations (slows down) to turn direct, ending its latest retrograde phase that began earlier this month. It symbolises a turning point, or turnaround, regarding communication and contacts, and a feeling of glitches smoothing out and things clicking into place, where delay, interruption or re-arrangements had held things back… it’s a time for looking forward and moving forward again.

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