Your weekly horoscope August 23rd – 29th 2011


Sun into 6th house, mars in 4th square Saturn in 7th, new moon in 6th conjunct venus, trine Jupiter in 2nd trine pluto in 10th

You’re ready for a career revolution, but it’s really important that you follow your inspiration.  So if you’re wandering around and you suddenly get a brilliant idea it’s crucial that you do something with it.  You might also feel as though there’s a great turning point as far as your career goes.  Perhaps you’ve got stuck either in what you do, the way you do it or even how you think about it.  Allow yourself to connect with your inner child who is prepared to take risks and do something different.  Along with that, you might feel as though someone is being judgemental or perhaps it’s you being a bit harsh.  Being judgemental actually diverts precious energy from our soul’s path.  And when others judge us, it turns their attention outwards and actually stops them from any inner growth.  So if you feel that you’re being judged, don’t take it personally and if you’re tempted towards judging someone else, remember that in doing so you open yourself up to being judged.  Be loving and open up to inspiration.  There’s a lot of success in the air.  Breathe it in.


Sun into 5th house, mars in 3rd square Saturn in 6th, mercury direct in 4th, new moon in 5th conjunct venus trine Jupiter in Taurus, trine pluto in 9th

You should be filled with a sense of joy and inner confidence.  The sun in the 5th house makes you courageous and a delight to be around.  Venus, planet of love, is conjunct the new Moon in the 5th which is also trine Jupiter in Taurus.  So you might be invited to stretch yourself or try something different. Rather than being a typical Taurean and digging your hooves in, you’re likely to leap to it.  If you raise any eyebrows from anyone who isn’t used to seeing you like thisdon’t worry.  You have an air of enthusiasm and you’re in such a brilliant mood, no one can fail to fall for your charms.


Sun into 4th house, mars in 2nd square Saturn in 5th, mercury direct in 3rd, new moon in 4th conjunct venus, trine Jupiter in 12th, trine pluto in 8th

You’re feeling very sensitive and much more emotional than usual as you look at issues to do with security.  You’ll want to make yourself more secure and find yourself talking tentatively about your feelings.  You could run into a clash that centres around a difference in needs with someone else.  If you find that your needs aren’t being met, then of course run like the wind, but if it’s a case of timing or different goals, go within and ask yourself what you want to do with your life.  Personal freedom does matter in relationships, but communication is key.  You’ve got the opportunity to resolve any issues and something might happen as you plant a few ideas that come into seeds of hope and possibility.  The key thing for you to do is to nurture your beautiful self.


Sun into 3rd house, mars in cancer square Saturn in 4th, mercury direct in 2nd, new moon in 3rd conjunct venus trine Jupiter in 11th trine pluto in 7th

This is a full on week for you.  Mars is in your sign and tussling with Saturn in your 4th house.  You might sense that someone is being  a bit passive aggressive with you, or not speaking out.  Now, it could be that the universe is acting as your mirror this week.  You are very sensitive but you don’t always speak out or talk directly.  Every sign has their shadow, and yours is to hide behind your pincers.  So tune in to what that’s like and use that insight to manage what’s happening with someone else.  The  new Moon could bring a whole new vibe and energy to your life.  Your friends should be fuly on board to support you.  There are all the seeds and karmic energy to allow you to transform your relationships, which of course starts with your relationship to you.  Change your patterns and you change your life.  This is your week, and you could bring about a really powerful transformation.   


Sun into 2nd house, mars in 12th square Saturn in 3rd, mercury direct in leo, new moon in 2nd conjunct venus trine Jupiter in 10th trine pluto in 6th

You’re fully in your power this week which should help you tackle any push me pull you that you encounter around the area of responsibility with someone else.  Be secure enough to know that you don’t need to battle someone who has a different idea or view of what you should do with your life.  Follow your own star, believe in yourself, walk forwards in love and if you do that there’s very good news.  Jupiter can help you fulfil your wildest dreams in terms of your career.  You’re at a point of inner transformation and change.  Don’t let inner battles with yourself or outer struggles with someone else hold you back.  We are all here on a revolutionary soul adventure and we must never give our power away to allow anyone else to dictate our journey.  We can speak our truth with love along the way.


Sun into virgo, mars in 11th square Saturn in 2nd, mercury direct in 12th, new moon in virgo conjunct venus, trine Jupiter in 9th, trine pluto in 5th,

You should be pleased to be you this week.  The planets are urging you to believe in yourself.  You might also have a grand revelation that’s incredibly important about your future.  You have a new Moon in your sign, and that’s like a personal new year.  You’re being invited into a fresh start, to make a wish about your future and cast out the seeds of your desires.  Recharge your batteries and feel great about you.  Wherever you’ve been, this is the time to step through onto the stage of life.  We’re all unique souls and this is the week to shine what is unique about you and have faith in your soul journey here on earth.  Have an adventure and open yourself up  as you’ll discover that you’ve got nothing to fear. 


Sun into 12th, mars in 10th square Saturn in libra, mercury direct in 11th, new moon in 12th conjunct venus, trine Jupiter in 8th, trine pluto in 4th

You might feel a slight frustration around your work this week.  You want to commit to work but you could be feeling restricted.  Along with that, the new Moon falls in your 12th house, which means you could get lost in fantasy, illusion or even spiritual enlightenment.  The 12th house is a magical, mystical place, but it’s not that useful when it comes to solid connections with practical things such as careers and you could feel a bit lost.  Just go with the flow and avoid doing anything to extreme – especially anything that might promise an escape, such as drinking too much.  If you can focus on the practical you could find a nugget of truth within your soul.  Love has an ethereal feel and the universe is facilitating a transformation in you, even if it might be a bit hard to pin down.


Sun into 11th, mars in 9th square Saturn in 12th, mercury direct in 10th, new moon in 11th conjunct venus, trine Jupiter in 7th, trine pluto in 3rd

You want to be adventurous and expand yourself or your life but it’s almost as if you don’t feel free to get going on whatever is stirring your soul.  Put that to one side for the moment and focus on what’s going well.  When it comes to your friendships, you’re feeling sociable and outgoing and having some kind of experience that highlights the joy of life for you.  It’s all there for you to have a good time and be lighthearted.  If you’re in a relationship, it’s likely that you’ll be hanging out with some good friends or old friends, whilst singles could be introduced to someone fabulous through a circle of friends who whisks you off for a romantic adventure.  Overall, you should be having the time of your life in a feel good week.   


Sun into 10th, mars in 8th square Saturn in 11th, mercury direct in 9th, new moon in 10th conjunct venus, trine Jupiter in 6th, trine pluto in 2nd

You could be feeling a bit intense or even sexual about someone or be lured into having an adventure or even an affair that you want to keep to yourself.  On a more spiritual level, on the other hand, you could be asking a few deep questions about the nature of power in relationships and letting that lead you into fascinating philosophical territory.  The presence of Saturn is encouraging you to examine any feelings that you wouldn’t normally have – such as sudden bursts of jealousy that can trip us all up – and let these be your teacher.  When it comes to your career, don’t be fearful that you won’t get what you want as you’re also being offered a few exciting possibilities. All in all, it’s a week where you might start out by being invited to walk through your own shadow, but there is a definite lighter side at the end of the tunnel if you’re brave enough to accept the challenge.


Sun into 9th, mars in 7th square Saturn in 10th, mercury direct in 8th, new moon in 9th conjunct venus, trine Jupiter in 5th, trine pluto in Capricorn.

With Mars in your 7th house, squaring responsible Saturn in your 10th house of career you may be feeling constrained or pulled around at work or dragged down by a relationship at work.  Take your mind in a different direction as just focussing intensely on the problem won’t help you shift it – as you probably know all too well by now!  The other planets are saying to you that it’s time to change and look at things differently.  The sun is vibrating in your 9th house of adventure so part of you might say, I’m going to stretch myself and take myself out of this box and when we do that, that’s when the answers come.  When you’re in limbo, do something that you’d do if you weren’t in limbo and that’s when the shift happens.  There’s a lot of positive energy when it comes to love and lust, and that at least should give you a welcome distraction!


Sun into 8th, mars in 6th square Saturn in 9th, mercury direct in 7th, new moon in 8th conjunct venus, trine Jupiter in 4th, trine pluto in 12

This is an intense week for you.  A lot of your focus is about relationships.  You’re thinking about the past, present and about trust.  If you’re in a relationship, you might be thinking, can I trust my partner?  Or you might be thinking about a past indiscretion and brooding about it all over again or obsessing over someone you’ve just met.  Alternatively, you could even find yourself hugely attracted to someone else even if you are in a long term relationship and struggling to keep on an even keel. That’s because of the new Moon in your 8th house, which is all about obsession and its asking you to examine your morals and ethics.  You’re being asked  to let go of your fears, to be still and investigate what these intense emotions are trying to tell you.  It’s all about how emotionally secure you are and how much trust you have in yourself.  The good news is that you’ll be able to communicate very clearly in a good way when it comes to your relationships.  You’ve got the potential to take a beautiful, intense and passionate journey into self discovery, if you’ll take it.


Sun into 7th, mars in 5th square Saturn in 8th, mercury direct in 6th, new moon in 7th conjunct venus, trine Jupiter in 3rd, trine pluto in 11th

You’re feeling great – strong and exhuberant, but you might run into someone who’s trying to push you down.  Whoever it is, rather than going into battle or just feeling hurt, take your energy away from them, know that you deserve to have fun and don’t let any naysayers hold you back.  The very good news is that there is a fabulous chance for renewed energy within your relationships this week. The new Moon in your 7th house gives you the chance to make a wish and as a Pisces you believe in magic, so light a candle, work your own magic and you can transform your love life or your relationship to yourself.  There is something divine and mystical about love this week for you – so enjoy.

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