Weekly astrological overview September 5th – 11th 2011

8th – Mercury in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius

9th – Mercury into Virgo

10th – Venus in Virgo sextile Mars in Cancer

It’s a great week for tying loose ends of situations; for reaching conclusions to anything that has felt open ended or indefinite… especially things that link back to early August when Mercury began its retrograde (moving backwards) phase, because on the 8th, Mercury opposes Neptune, just as it did then.

The echo of this aspect can bring echoes of early August, with Mercury, planet of thought and communication, standing opposite Neptune, planet of imagination, spirituality and dreams. The opposition means the two planets are not initially in harmony; so it’s up to us to find the balance needed, for example with what appears to be happening versus what is actually happening, as appearances can be deceptive. Recent mix-ups or misunderstandings caused by fuzzy thinking and expression might arise again, but this time  for the purpose of becoming clear, more defined, more sorted and sure.

Not least because Mercury moves into Virgo on the 9th – Virgo is the ultimate clarity seeker (and finder), and Mercury naturally feels at home in this sign, being ruler of it; so we are about to get a whole lot more precise and focused in thinking and communication; a whole lot more focused on what is relevant to the task at hand, while able to discard extraneous details that interrupt any flow we are wanting to go with.

On the 10th there’s a sweet sextile aspect between Venus in Virgo and Mars in Cancer; Venus and Mars working in harmony always mean great relationships that satisfy the senses and increase self-worth… it’s always easier to appreciate self and others when Venus/Mars entwine, and between the signs of Virgo (earth/physical) and Cancer (water/emotion), it’s a touchy-feely kind of appreciation that feels soft and cosy, and firmly within realm of comfort zone.

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