Weekly Astrological Overview September 26th – October 2nd 2011

27th – New moon in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn, sextile Mars in Leo

28th – Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn

29th – Venus conjunct Saturn

30th – Sun sextile Mars in Leo

The week gets off to a strong start with a new moon in Libra on the 27th. The sun and moon in Libra brings the total of planets in this sign to five (also Mercury, Venus and Saturn), which makes this an uber Libran kind of week.

This new moon is great for focusing energy towards new feelings and perspectives regarding relationships, so it’s a good time for making sure the cosmic order list is up-to-date regarding what is wanted for relationships, particularly romance, but also any partnership, contract or agreements.

If you’ve been asking for more balance, more equality, more equilibrium, more fairness, then this is your signal to start opening to receive… ask and it is given, as the saying goes, but you have to be open to receiving.

There’s an intense emotional edge to this new moon, as Pluto squares (challenges) from the sign of Capricorn, but this can also act as a catalyst for clarity… Pluto reminds us that while we often ask for change we also tend to resist the unknown and unfamiliar, which is what change inevitably brings in some form, so this new moon will likely bring awareness of what we are clinging to, to avoid stepping into the unknown.

It can also indicate power struggles in relationships, which means tug of war dynamics until the desire for true harmony becomes a priority. On the 28th, Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn which intensifies this theme and makes it likely that buried or bottled up emotions might come to the surface, especially as a result of communication at that time, which presses buttons linked to trust and loyalty.

On the 29th Venus conjuncts Saturn in Libra. Conjunctions happen when two or more planets share the same spot, which means they are working together in a very particular way. In this case Venus, who is interested in love and relationships, stands with Saturn who is interested in structure and boundaries.

Sometimes Saturn can be too overbearing for Venus, as too many laws and limits (those should/shouldn’t, can’t/won’t kind of laws), interfere with the natural unfolding of any relationship, and bring weighty burdens and pressures to live up to (also known as conditional love).

However, accepting current limits and limitations can be helpful to a point, as long as they don’t close the mind to future possibilities. In other words, no arguing for your limitations as they are all temporary; which is precisely the message from the confidence-boosting Sun sextile Mars in Leo on the 30th.

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