Weekly Astrological Overview October 3rd – 9th 2011

3rd  – Mars in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus

6th – Mercury conjunct Saturn in Libra

7th – Venus in Libra trine Neptune in Aquarius

9th – Venus into Scorpio

Mars square Jupiter on the 3rd means it’s easy to over-react or over-stretch yourself as the week begins. Full of faith Jupiter meeting Mars on a mission can be great for finding bundles of confidence to launch into action, but meeting by square aspect indicates a tendency to overestimate ability to overcome all obstacles at once in one big leap of faith.

It might be easier to judge limits and boundaries by the 6th when Mercury conjunct Saturn encourages structure in thinking and communication – a reminder to the Mars/Jupiter impatient enthusiasm that it’s ok to do things in steps and stages, and to wait and watch for the right time and place to connect and communicate.

Mercury/Saturn in balance loving Libra is full of awareness of the appropriate next move, especially regarding relationship issues, which mixes nicely with a soft and dreamy trine (harmony) aspect between Venus in Libra and Neptune in Aquarius on the 7th.

Venus/Neptune is the ultimate romance aspect; more about a meeting of minds perhaps, with both planets situated in air signs, but Venus and Neptune working in harmony always make sure the heart is included, and probably a few flowers and chocolates too.

On the 9th Venus changes mood, moving from Libra to Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio has a penchant for sexy seductions, complicated relationship dynamics, tricky triangles and emotionally intense dramas, so there’s plenty to intrigue and entice the senses as passion rises and feelings get heavy with significance.

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