Weekly Astrological Overview October 10th – 16th 2011

12th – FULL MOON IN ARIES mercury in libra trine Neptune in aquarius

13th sun in libra conjunct Saturn in libra, mercurty into scorpio, pluto sextile venus

14th – venus in scorpio opposite Jupiter in Taurus

16th – mercury sextile pluto

Take a deep breath,  it’s the full moon in full on Aries this week, which means emotions are amplified tenfold in that inimitable Aries way – from impatience and instant gratification on the one hand to boldness, brightness and courage of conviction on the other, it’s tempers, tantrums and triumph all the way.

This full moon has a lovely aspect between Mercury in Libra and Neptune in Aquarius, which indicates soft, compassionate and imaginative thinking. It’s a really lovely aspect for friendship and fun, as well as for teamwork, as groups and gatherings all benefit from Mercury’s gentle touch from Neptune.

A gentle touch is something Saturn conjunct Sun in Libra doesn’t care much about on the 13th. Saturn/Sun energy at such close quarters like this conjunct aspect can feel like sharp edges and brick walls to deal with in situations.

Saturn is the law enforcer, or voice of authority on should/shouldn’t rules, while the sun just wants to shine and play and create. Saturn easily undermines confidence in this way, so no tripping yourself up by arguing for your own limitations, or anyone else’s, for that matter; and remember it’s possible that you know better than those who believe they know better than you…

Mercury moves into Scorpio on this day too, while Venus sextiles Pluto. All good for offsetting any negative effects from Saturn’s incessant reality checks, as Mercury in Scorpio finds it easy to read between the lines and dig deep for unspoken treasures. Venus in friendly aspect to Pluto gives relationships emotional depth and an easy sense of trust and intimacy.

On the 14th, Venus moves to oppose Jupiter in Taurus, which adds boundless faith to relationships, as well as a boundless appetite for all things sensual and gorgeous; this is a bit of a decadent energy, that doesn’t like to hold back or be denied what will satisfy, which looks like a memorable weekend is in the making…

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