Weekly Astrological Overview October 24th – 30th October 2011

26th – NEW MOON IN SCORPIO – opposite Jupiter in Taurus,

Jupiter trine pluto in Capricorn,

mercury/venus in scorpio square mars in Leo,

mars sextile Saturn in libra.

It’s a busy new moon on the 26th. Lots of planet aspects mean lots of energy to channel through situations, and lots of focus on the Scorpio theme of change and transformation.

New moons indicate new phases and new feelings, so this is the perfect time for setting intentions around the idea of transformation, and for settling into any process of change that is underway right now, as Scorpio energy is all about rebirth and renewal.

This new moon opposes Jupiter in Taurus, which initially could mean more awareness of resistance to change; though with Jupiter involved solutions won’t feel unreachable or unattainable for long.

Jupiter also trines (harmonises) with Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, at this time, which further emphasises the idea of transformation, and of significant expansion and evolution of situation and circumstances through deep emotional change.

Meanwhile, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio both square (challenge) Mars in Leo, which is actually great for relationships, especially communication in relationships, as even though it’s a challenging aspect, it’s the nature of Mars and Venus to do well from a bit of creative conflict.

There’s also a sweet and supportive sextile aspect between Mars and Saturn, which indicates good timing, constructive action and good feeling progress and momentum in situations. Saturn in supportive mood makes movement much easier, and lessens the severity of any sticking points or stalemates in situations.

All in all it’s a new moon to look forward to; we tend to resist the change we most seek, but this planet pattern encourages us to trust instinct and intuition and move without too much reticence or reluctance into the unknown territory we’ve been searching for all along.

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