Weekly Astrological Overview November 7th – 13th 2011

10th – Full moon in Taurus

11th – Mars into Virgo

It’s time for the annual full moon in the sign of Taurus, on the 10th. A full moon occurs when the sun stands opposite the moon, which means the sun is in the sign of Scorpio right now, so it’s a mix of earth (Taurus) and water (Scorpio) elements, which is all about awareness of the interplay of the physical and the emotional, within ourselves, and through current circumstances.

Emotions and feelings are amplified and magnified, before, during and after a full moon, making us more aware of the kind emotional fulfilment that feels important right now. In other words, with a Taurus/Scorpio mix it’s a gorgeously sensual time we’re after; seductive and sexy too… so it’s right up the street of Venus and Mercury, who still stand together in experience-hungry Sagittarius.

Sagittarius in the best of moods finds life, love and the universe irresistible to encounter, and the upbeat, positive attitude that this sign exudes as standard means that relationships (Venus) and communication (mercury) are going to thrive under this deep and meaningful moon.

There’s still a lingering edge from the challenging Mars/Neptune opposition that has been in force recently, which made it so easy to think movement forward might be fizzling out, but on the 11th Mars switches signs from Leo to Virgo, which changes the mood and tempo of all that. In Virgo, it’s now all about the detail rather than the drama; it seeks subtle action rather anything attention grabbing, with the emphasis on razor sharp minds rather than sparkly charisma….

… which isn’t exactly the way Venus and Mercury wants to play it at the moment, as that Sagittarius energy is all for thumbnail sketching and broad brush strokes rather than getting fussy about detail, but Mars in Virgo can be like a cool head and a fresh view on proceedings; a different approach that can bring out the best in stale or slow moving situations, and streamline the smooth running of plans and projects already well underway.

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