Lisa’s Karma Clinic: I want to let go of my past

Hi Lisa. I am trying to let go of past traumas and hurt form childhood and wondered if you could enlighten me about whether you see this happening. Also would love to know what past lives I had too, Thank you kindly,

Lisa says:

Congratulations on the work you’ve done so far around letting go of your past traumas. Everyone has the chance of transforming themselves through hurt and difficulties – that is what karma is all about – growth – and you are no different to anyone else in this respect. So all due respect to you!
Jupiter retrograde in your chart indicates that you will have your own individual set of morals that may not match the majority viewpoint. It is likely that your spiritual beliefs were attacked in a previous incarnation and you are now on a mission to re-present these beliefs. Be kind to people who see things differently. Saturn retrograde also shows that you have a subconscious need to finish what you may have left in your past. Going backwards is important for you because you have wasted opportunities in previous lives. This retrograde position gives you another chance to improve on that.

You have spent lives being a traveller, musician or poet, not spending much time in any one place for too long. Past hidden guilts, secrets or past life remnants are very dominant for you with having the North Node in the 2nd house and you may be conscious of this or only subconsciously aware of this. For you to awaken in this life you will need to bring these thoughts out into the open and then and cut all ties with them so that you can begin again afresh with new principles. You might find Regression Therapy or more thorough Soul/Karmic Integration work helpful around this. You will be able then to find out exactly what is important for you and how you alone and without the reliance of others can start to work to install your own values for the future.

The universe wants you to step upto the challenge of comprehending giving and receiving love. (Ceres in the 12th house) You are here to gain a new understanding of these themes by connecting energetically to love. You can care and tend to people who need it the most. This especially relates to those who face the loss of a close relative like a parent or a child in some way. Any karmic residue that you may have either in this life or a previous one can be resolved by you ‘giving’. Your key to healing lies with Chiron in Aries in the 7th house. Keep looking for new projects and interests through which to burn up your additional energy. Try to delegate sometimes – you may find that you get to know yourself more by doing this. Your courageous mask that you wear covers up a lot of vulnerability. Let go of this in order to become whole.

Keep shining on your journey of discovery.
Lisa xx

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