Moon Signs: An Introduction

When I think of the meaning of moon signs, I’m forever drawn to the Peter Pan archetype and his preoccupation with his shadow.

In the story, Peter Pan’s shadow is a living, breathing entity. Yet, it is a silent partner. An embodiment of dark mystery whose secrets may only be intuited by the material mass that has caused it’s form to be cast.

The moon is very much the same. Our silent partner in astrological and psychological terms.

Where the sun (our astrological sun signs) represents “in-your-face” personality traits, our moon signs convey a much more subtle trend in thought, behaviour and influence.

The astrological symbolism boils down to light and dark (or, yang and yin respectively, if you prefer). The moon is the antithesis of the sun’s obtuse, assertive radiance. Hence, our moon signs will unveil startling mysteries to our awareness.

Each of us has shadowy depths sewn to our heels, and it’s our responsibility to look closely upon these dark aspects of ourselves.

As we are dealing with “darkness,” does that mean our moon signs are evil?

Absolutely not.

Dreams, psychic ability, intuition, visionary epiphany, emotion, instinct…all of these live in the shadow of the moon.

Knowing your moon sign is a prudent first step in knowing your deeper proclivities. Embracing this aspect of ourselves gives us permission to work (and create) within the realm of dreams, emotions and psyche.

Working with our moon side isn’t always easy, it takes a genuine commitment to learn and utilize the power of our shadow selves. Why?

Consider the moon itself. It produces no light of its own. Only from the light of the sun is the reality of the moon revealed to us. It’s the same in our inner lives. We must shine a light of awareness into the darkness in order to see what kind of wonder and mystery resides in shadow.

And why would we even want to know? What’s the big deal about knowing our moon signs and tapping into the dark unknown?

Because as Peter Pan whimsically illustrates, the shadow is inherent. It is inseparable. The darkness is grafted to our being – an inescapable part of who we are.

And so, we are much better served by knowing it fully and utilizing its presence. Ignorance of our shadow sides causes an anomaly in nature.

Working with our moon side, we become more whole – we grow into our own authority – beings of both light and dark. When balanced, our power is limitless.

Learning your moon signs gives you a head start on the internal shadow work.

You can further advance down your moon sign path by casting your own astrological chart here.

Written by: Avia Venefica of

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