Sagittarius Special

Sagittarius’ ruler is the planet of good fortune, Jupiter.  That means that at various points in the life of those born under this sign, something extraordinary and wonderful will happen. Life can turn upside down, but you must never give in as life has a habit of delivering some astonishing surprises. If it hasn’t yet fear not it will! Jupiter wants you to stretch yourself and follow an enlightened path full of philosophy and learning.  It tells you you are a traveller in more ways than one.

You are here to break boundaries and seek independence not only for yourself, but also for others.

You are a maverick who needs to listen to your unique voice. You should have an optimistic approach to life and  live and thrive on new experiences. Your eccentric charisma is like liquid honey – perhaps an acquired taste but impossible not to enjoy and somewhat addictive.

However you are a funny old bean and can be very difficult to pin down.  You are not as  elusive as an Aquarius but you can change your mind in the bat of an eye. You go to bed in a good mood and wake up disconnected or go to bed annoyed and wake up loved up. There is no rhyme or reason to your ability to change. It’s just your nature.

This can be disconcerting for lovers and friends who never know quite where they stand. However no one should want to tame you as you are the proverbial mythical creature and need to be free to express yourself.

You are famous for putting your foot in it.  You like to speak very plainly but this can sometimes be seen as insensitive. You can be reckless and impulsive without thinking of the consequences. One of your spiritual lessons is to be a teacher and a student, to feast on knowledge and share your wisdom. To show compassion and empathy while blazing a trail.

Sagittarius with Moon in


This double fire whammy makes you even more emotionally impulsive. You defend the weak and are a bit of a hero but you need to calm down and express your receiving softer side sometimes.


You are more responsible and grounded than a typical Sagittarius and the joy of this placement is that you can lay foundations for those wild Saggi dreams and make them come true.


Your mind is like an missile! Not many people can outwit you as never mind neutrinos you think faster than the speed of light! You will be easily bored and need a lover who is as witty and articulate as you. On the down side you can be fickle and loose interest in people and things quickly.


Sensitive, loving and nurturing you are a steamy combination. A great romantic your lesson is to balance your need for adventure with your need for security.


Generous, charismatic and a one person wonder, you have star quality. You might have an addiction to power but that is only if you haven’t dealt with your own emotional baggage. You command respect but must understand the spiritual truth that we are all equal.


This Moon placement allows you to stand still long enough to make rational decisions. However sometimes it makes you feel guilty for your free spirit. Do not be a martyr but allow your freedom not to be controlled by a desire for perfection. You are more than enough.


You love beautiful things and most importantly beautiful souls. You have a need to have harmony and equality in all relationships and are passionate about making the world a better place.


Extreme, intense, jealous, passionate and occasionally obsessional. If want someone or something you will give it your total focus. You are intense but sexually charismatic. Use that intensity for the higher good.


A wild horsey indeed you are emotionally ahead of your time. You feast on the new and are always looking for new experiences. You will not let anyone put you in a head collar and demand to roam free. Your friends adore you but lovers can find you a challenge.


You have the opportunity in life to be a staggering success as long as you are not too stubborn or change tack every time you nearly make it. You are much more restrained than your average Sagittarius and can be emotionally protective and reluctant to express your vulnerability.


A real humanitarian, your idea of pleasure is to build children’s orphanages in far off lands. You have a healing gift and are an all round visionary. You have a staggeringly fascinating mind and creative flare.


This Moon sign makes you gentle and full of empathy. You have the greatest compassion and love for humanity and are often touched by other peoples pain. Be careful not to go into rescuer mode too much. You are romantic, loving and generally a delight.

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