Weekly Astrological Overview December 12th – 18th 2011

13th – mercury stationary to direct in Sagittarius

Looks like a quiet week, but don’t be fooled; this is a week with plenty of forward motion. Mercury ends its retrograde (appearing to move backwards) phase on the 13th, just like Uranus, which changed direction on the 10th and is now slowly building forward momentum.

Uranus champions all that you can be, all that you want to be, and all that you didn’t know you had it in you to be, so if up to now you hadn’t felt events moving for you in a way that supported this, there’s room for change now; it’s ‘right time, right place’, suddenly, unexpectedly, and effectively.

It’s also week with plenty of positivity; Mercury moves forward in the sign of Sagittarius, which is the sign associated with all things upbeat and uplifting. Optimism abounds when Sagittarius energy is on a roll; belief is strong, and courage of conviction high.

Mercury is associated with communication – messages, dialogue, and information exchange. It’s all about conveyance. It’s the pathways of the mind that puts two and two together (which during retrograde phases often makes five), and the patterns of communication between two places and people; it’s also the literal roads and ways that move us or things important to us from A to B.

During a retrograde phase there’s often interference in all this. Frustrating at times, when the prevailing current feels against movement forward, and seems to send some situations spiralling into reverse, but it’s temporary and it’s also often fun to then witness the release of delays and disruption, as Mercury’s turnaround tends to mirror a literal turnaround in key situations that have repeatedly stalled or failed to launch with satisfaction.

Basically, Mercury in Sag moving forward indicates the potential opening up of lines of communication, and heralds the upcoming arrival of news or info that you’ve been waiting for. Positive expectation is the key.

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