Your free weekly astrological overview December 26th – January 1st 2012

28th – Sun/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn

31st – Mercury square Mars

The focus on transition and transformation continues this week, as the Sun in Capricorn approaches conjunction with (in other words, sitting right next to) planet Pluto. This aspect is exact on the 28th, perfect timing to match the collective mood that goes with the letting go of an old year and welcoming a brand new year.

Pluto always asks us to let go of what needs to go in order to move forward with who we are right now, who we are evolving into, becoming more of. It’s associated with the dreaded death card in Tarot, which isn’t so much about physical death, as it is about an inner state of being, the state of letting go of the past while moving into unknown territory. It’s important to know that unknown territory doesn’t have to mean uncertain future, though often we confuse the two… also most important, a letting go of what was doesn’t mean a diminishment or loss of who we are becoming.

All very deep and meaningful, but that is Pluto for you! The only other active aspect this week is a challenging square between Mars in Virgo and Mercury in Sagittarius on the 31st. Mercury/Mars in difficult aspect tends to bring out squabbles and disagreements… not necessarily deep reaching or long-lasting, but enough to spoil the party if focused on for long and taken too seriously. The Virgo influence is all about the details while the Sagittarius influence is all about the story, so be selective in what gossip or criticism you are prepared to listen to, and also in what stories you are telling yourself about yourself…

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